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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Yay Florida!!!!!!

We finally made it into Florida..We have a great spot here at Ft. Pickins campground, Pensacola Beach, FL. I would kiss the white sand if I could…hmmmm…maybe not.

20151206_103812 20151206_103834 20151206_103837

Above, we had to drive right into Mobile to get to the tunnel under part of the bay..THIS is NOT one of my favorite things to do..I just feel a little clostrophobic, knowing how much water weighs… and the pressure it puts on those walls in the tunnel. I am extremely happy when I can literally see “the light at the end”…whew!

12308321_1129926907017786_5976106095149742110_n On the Eastern side of the bay, we drove past the USS Alabama battleship and museum…This is where. last year,  Dennis had a “close encounter” with a B-52 bomber, and almost ended up with stitches in his hard head.  (Luckily for him, he had his cap on, or we might have been at the ER with a concussion….ahh the memories..)

Driving through Pensacola is a challenge at best, let alone pulling a behemoth RV behind you. If it were just me driving..well, it never would be…but if it WERE me driving, I would need earplugs to keep out the screams of MacGyver riding shotgun. Needless to say, I was extremely thrilled when we were over the 2 bridges and Den  made a right on Ft. Pickins Drive.

12341094_1129940563683087_424975752659482720_n 20151207_120617

We arrived about noon and found our reserved spot in loop A of the campground..

20151206_153424 20151206_153444


Lots of sand at these sights…See that little blue lantern? That’s how I show support for all of the Police Officers in our country..It is run on batteries and lights up for any 6 hours you set it it!

Monday morning, Den and I took a walk into the other loops of the campground..This takes us on a sandy trail through the scrub brush and trees…

101_7610  101_7612

….and snakes….This dude was very still..Den spotted him first and pointed him out to me..If I had seen him by surprise, I would have wet myself.  Photo on right…maybe they knew ahead of time about the snakes…?

101_7613 20151207_114943

20151207_115947 20151207_115801-1

No, I am not cold in that photo above..I hate bras and don’t wear one often…forgot I might want my photo taken..Hey, that’s how I roll.! That’s my “date” in the photo on the left..I am constantly amazed how he can tolerate my shenanigans.

20151207_120021 20151207_120119


That white sand is just like snow. They have to actually plow it off the roads to keep them open. “Why are those beaches so white?” you ask..OK, get ready for a Science lesson..

You can thank the Apalachicola River, 130 miles east of Ft. Walton Beach, for the type of sand found here. The quartz-sand material, delivered to the Gulf of Mexico from the Appalachian mountains via the river, was deposited along the shores when Santa Rosa Island began to extend like an arm from Destin. This extension continues today as these small, white grains of quartz sand move to the west before reaching their final destination at the Pensacola Pass.”

If you read my blog much (if so, I apologize for any offensive behavior..), as I was saying, if you read my blog on ocassion then you know how much I love history and am a frustrated teacher…Hence, the seque into lesson-like rantings. Soooo, thank you for jumping in the back seat of the GMC with us for our Winter trip this year..I know that the GMC is getting old (12 years old to be exact), but she still hauls our Hiker (another old lady, 8 years old) really well!   As for all of the cases of beer in the back seat, those take priority, so adjust and overcome…See ya later..and thanks again for checking in on this drivel!!!


  1. We agree - we love Florida. I like the history lesson although its hard to conceive how much sand and silt it took to move from the Appalachians to make the white beaches of the Florida panhandle/Gulf Coast what they are today. Reminds me of the White Sands of New Mexico and how they were deposited from the mountain ranges in that area of a long long time. Glad you had no issues with that nasty looking snake nearby!

  2. Welcome to paradise! You are about 40 miles from us.

  3. Glad to see you back on the beach and smiling. Looks like a sweet campsite.

    1. Ingrid...Are you still blogging??? Cannot find you lately!

  4. Your blog looks interesting. I would follow by email, if you added that option in your sidebar. I did join, but I usually forget to go look at blogs I have joined. An email jogs my memory.