Cave Dwellings: Merry Christmas Eve from Ortona South Campground in Florida
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Eve from Ortona South Campground in Florida

I know for a fact it is warmer than normal for most of the nation, and believe it or not, it is warmer in Florida too. We have been hovering around 86-88 humid degrees, and for the first time on the road, we turned on our A/C in the Hiker..I get ya..”aaaawwwee, poor babies”…



We are having a great time, enjoying the warmth and relaxation…much needed. Our site is on the Ortona Locks and today when I saw this beauty coming through the locks, I was SURE it was my Christmas present from Dennis..


MacGyver and I scurried over to see it, and I had it all figured out  how I was going to act surprised…The gentlemen told us that yes,this was a brand spankin’ new Sea Ray, and they were delivering it to it’s new owner…Alas…it wasn’t me..What we have here is the 2015 Sea Ray, 60’ long, 3 engines with 2 props each..and the stearing isn’t done thrusters, but done with the props that swivel..It could have been mine for only a cool $2 Million. OH SHOOT!



This is one of the nicest parks in Florida …and there are only 3 Army Corps parks in this state..We will be staying 2 weeks and returning here Feb 3rd for another 2..Yep, we do love it here.


Some people bring their heavy duty telescopes ( I THINK that is a telescope)..I’ll be HE saw that Eagle across the river “up close and personal”!!


Some of the campers are really decked out for Christmas!!!


……and some us cannot even compete…Hey, don’t you see the Santa cap on the mirror of the GMC?..and I will just bet that NONE of you noticed the black and white checked winter cap on the other mirror..That is about as good as I get with outside stuff..(I do have a lighted wreath on our ladder!)

Donna and Santa

Yep, me and Santa about 1952…I was very suspicious of him…and…what was my Mother thinking when she put that hat on me?????

I want to wish every one of you, no matter where you are or where you roam, a wonderful and Merry Christmas!!




  1. Merry Christmas. Also shorts and t-shirts today in Mississippi.

  2. That is one mighty cute picture of you & Santa. Love it:))

  3. Looks like a beautiful place to spend Christmas. Safe travels and a Happy New Year to you both.

    Celebrating the Dance

  4. Love the eagle picture. Glad you guys are having FUN