Cave Dwellings: Whew!!!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Short but sweet blog today…Dennis is standing over me, breathing down my neck.. waiting to unhook the computer…sheesh!  Saturday we had a Cave-apalooza!  At one point in time we had 20 adults and 8 kids here(actually I think I missed a few, it felt like lots more!)…Needless to say, our house was upside down and stirred with a stick…




The kids had a great time…..


Taylor sang the whole crazy group a beautiful song….without benefit of music accompanying her. …


…and of course we had a campfire out in the driveway, and a few adult beverages…..

The party broke up about 10PM, and we fell into bed.   The Wolff family left at 8AM for Zionsville, and Den and I  have been loading the Hiker which at this time, 2:30PM, is sitting anxiously on our drive, full of water and raring to go tomorrow morning. This Thursday we had a little snow…


…but today it was 60 degrees…We will be in Rend Lake, Southern Illinois tomorrow night and Grenada Lake, MS Tuesday for about 5 days,(God willing and the creek don’t rise)..That is the next time I will blog because we need to be longer than one night to make it worth the work of McGuyver “sweating up” our Hughesnet Satellite….Thanks for checking on us…I see the The Bayfield Bunch is on the road and happy campers!! Sooooo….until Tuesday or Wed….WE’RE OUTA HERE!!!!  Catch ya on the UP side, kiddos…All of you riding with us in the back seat…keep your hands to yourselves..and be careful of Kenny's cooler…He is getting a little testy about that…Nyah-Nyah


  1. Bon Voyage!!! Safe journey..I'm in the process of loading up myself. Leave 2 weeks today...

  2. You heading out to AZ this year? Would sure like to meet up with you

  3. Have a safe blast off and we will be with you all the way. Even Rigg's is excited. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  4. Your blog is priceless and thoroughly enjoyable. Sure wish
    I could do the RV thing to meet
    people like you.
    Sorry, I don't have a blog but follow yours and others regularly.
    Bev in NS Canada

  5. I'm ok for now I have a count of how many beers in the cooler.

    Can we stop I have to pee..sorry

  6. Have a very safe trip. Anxious to hear all about it.

  7. "On the road again"..... yes, how sweet it is!! You all travel safely and keep us updated.

  8. Safe travels!! You've waited a long time for this. :)

  9. what a great send off!!..have a safe first leg of your journey!..I will try not to make you stop alot for bathroom breaks..that is unless Kenny needs to?..if he is drinking beer I see a ton of bathroom stops in your future!!

  10. All the best on your first day out. We just passed Rend Lake yesterday and are only a few miles south of there now at Ferne Clyffe. Heading out shortly and might make it to west of Little Rock today if the wind ain't just too darn bad again today. Safe travels guys and hang on to that steering wheel:))

  11. Safe travels! I know you must be excited to be back on the road after such a long time at home.

    Great to see such a wonderful sendoff party!

  12. Howdy D&D,
    That trailer looks like it's still out by the garage, IN THE MUD!!!

    BE AWARE OF WHAT AL SAID ABOUT THE WIND!!! He changed lanes without turning the wheel IN A 34' MOTORHOME
    NOT A 5TH WHEEL!!! Be really careful Dennis!! The garden's waiting for you next spring!!! Donna, the paint job looks very good!!!

  13. Happy travels to you. Hope you have a safe journey and keep the wind at your back!!