Cave Dwellings: Weekend at the Wolff Den…with Murphy ….
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend at the Wolff Den…with Murphy ….

  This last weekend Den, myself , our niece, Leanne, and her hubby, Tommy, drove to Zionsville to support Chris and John in their Indy Marathon run on Saturday….Poor John has been off work sick most of the week and was not feeling very well even STILL we got there…He made the decision to go ahead and run with Chris, and if he felt really BAD, he would stop.  As is turned out, he did feel pretty bad….but he finished the race!!  John is quite a runner, and usually John can run 13 miles in under 2 hours,….when he is 100% well.  He finished his first Marathon in 4 hours 8 minutes, which we thought was darn good for running with a horrible cough and not eating much the week before. Chris finished her first marathon at 3 hrs 55 minutes….Her all time best run!!!….and… she ran with a badly draining ear that she couldn’t hear out of.


  Both kids did great…but I gotta tell ya, Murphy’s influence was all over the place.   As I said earlier, Chris ended up running with a draining deaf ear that happened the night before the race. As soon as the race was over, she went to a clinic at the local Walgreens and had it looked at.    After peering into her ear, they told her she had a ruptured eardrum, assured her the hearing would come back, and gave her some heavy antibiotics.  We felt like we were wandering through “sick bay”.






Chris and John trying to stay warm before the race…at 31 degrees!               …….and……they’re off!!!!

While Den, Tom and Leanne were catching up with Chris and John at the halfway point and finish, I was home with Madds, and wondering why their house didn’t seem to be warming up.  After checking the thermostat and noticing it was going DOWN from 65 degrees…gradually ending up at 62, I guessed the furnace either wasn’t turned up….or broken.  Far be it for me to fool with a thermostat on someone else’s house…My luck I would burn it down… Murphy strikes again…..McGuyver took a look at the furnace when he got back and said it wasn’t even firing up…not good.  John called the furnace guy, who came out, and took one look…”Oh, Yea…it needs a special part which we don’t carry…We can get one here on Monday”…Hey! We got a houseful of cold peeps and 2 little kids!!….That didn’t work, either.


Chris, giving thumbs up with a mittened hand………..John, running sick, but sticking with it!!

Leave it to John’s Mom, Jan, who managed to scrounge up 3 space heaters.  Add that to John and Chris’s one and we had 4 little heaters all  busily running up the Wolff Den’s electric bill most all of the evening.  Actually, we managed to stay pretty cozy.  It did help that McGuyver started a campfire and we kept the cocktails flowing….MugMartini glass





After we got the heaters, campfire and cocktails going, we ordered a couple pizzas for dinner….


Ok… “Greek’s” and “Pizzeria” really don’t go together…but the Chicken Ranch and the Pepperoni and banana pepper pizzas RULED!!

We drove back to Sandwich Sunday….after a great trip to cheer our Marathon runners on…I might mention that the same Saturday Chris and John ran the marathon, Terrie, our other daughter, was running the Hot Chocolate 5K in Chicago with some girlfriends…Now that sounds like my kind of race….!

Sooooo..Today McGuyver and I got serious about beginning to load up the Hiker for our launch next Monday, Nov. 14th…We have a family get together this Saturday, so I am also busy planning a menu, trying to clean and getting the RV ready in between… I have been very lax about blogging lately..For some reason there are just not enough hours in the day…At least Den is now home and can get all the important things pumped up, watered, hooked on, filled, tested, cleaned off and loaded…I cannot wait to get that thing out the drive and down the road. I promise to be more prompt with my blogging…Confused smile


“Sometimes it's important to work for that pot of gold. But other times it's essential to take time off and to make sure that your most important decision in the day simply consists of choosing which color to slide down on the rainbow.” ~Douglas Pagels


  1. If I was running sick or running well I would still be out there running or walking.

    Pizza and beer now were talking about a marathon I could run for.

  2. Congrats again on the big big news!! Sooooooo happy for you two....When do we see the inside??

  3. Congrats to Chris and John!

    Hey,lady! It's about time you got on the road...

  4. Your life is as busy as our's!!! Get!ting on the road will be worth all the hustle and bustle. Families do keep us busy!

  5. Some serious running there! Sounds like you will be on the road soon:)

  6. With our departure Saturday it sounds like you won't be too far behind us somewhere. No idea which way we are going yet but we'll figure that out once we get to wherever we happen to be:))

  7. That really takes determination to run when you really don't feel good. Congrats to both Chris and John. And so good to hear you'll soon be on the road.

  8. congrats to Chris and John on finishing the marathon!..good for them!!!..soon you will heading out!.how exciting!!

  9. Can't wait to get on the road with you. We are heading home from Branson today, Don't forget to tell Denny to put a small cooler with High Life Light in the backseat of the truck before we leave. Have a great weekend before your trip. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  10. Congrats to the marathoners - great times especially with a ruptured ear drum!

    Glad to hear Mr. Murphy is far away in Illinois!

  11. Ok...for some reason I missed this post.
    "YAY" to the marathon runners! It takes lots of dedication to run when you aren't feeling well. Heck...I don't run even when I am feeling good. Hope they are both feeling better!!
    I am so excited for you guys...getting the 5er all ready for a launch!! Can't wait till we have our downsized rig. Can you have hitch itch without a hitch???