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Monday, November 9, 2015


After many attempts to figure out how to publish my blog from our son-in-law's laptop..and load the photos so I can grab them from everyone's Facebook page, I am able to attempt to publish my blog from Zionsville .
This is another one of my family blogs..but we have every right to brag. All three kids and 2 spouses ran in the Monumental Marathon, Indianapolis on Saturday...Here are some  photos..
Kelly and Cindy, before the race. They were running the Half Marathon, 13.1 miles. They have only begun running last Spring, training for this moment
Terrie and Tim, before the race. They were running the Marathon, 26.2 miles..This is Tim's 4th marathon and Terrie's first, training in between kidney stones!
 Cave sisters running the marathon..Double Threat! This is Chris's 3rd marathon. Her hubby, John, is and Iron Man, Triathlon...He sat this one out so Chris could train.
Cindy, in the yellow shirt, mile 5 of 13.1..GO CIN!!
Ter and Tim, mile 3 of 26.2.  LOOKIN' GOOD! The back of their shirts said "Heiz" and "Mrs. Heiz".
Mr. and Mrs. Heiz..coming to the finish line! 26.2 miles in 5 hrs, 25 minutes.LOOKIN' STRONG!!.That is a long time to run!
 This is Kelly and Cindy just after they finished the 13.1 mile Half Marathon...We missed seeing them cross the finish. He finished it in 2 hrs, 32 min., she came in a few minutes later 2hrs 51 minutes..Poor John Wolff was driving Den, me, Campbell Heiser and the 2 Wolff cubs all over trying to catch 5 different runners who ran at 5 different paces..We caught whoever we could whenever we could...

 Christie finished the 26.2 mile marathon in 3hrs, 52 minutes...Below is a photo of her coming across the finish line..

Taken after everyone had finished the race....I was a wet mess!

John and Christie Wolff.
After race celebration....SOOOOO PROUD OF THIS GROUP!!

Den  and Cin...note she has her slippers on..sore feet!


  1. You two CAVES do have a wonderful family !!!! I am sure that starts with the two of you !!!!

  2. yet another proud moment for the Cave family! the two of you are so fortunate to have such a wonderful family!
    ..thanks for sharing all the fun!!

    1. Thanks, guys..All the runners who do that are awesome!

  3. Wow! Great job by all the race participants!! Those are awesome times!!! Way to go everyone!

    1. Thanks, Jessica...Anyone who attempts to do a race has my admiration..from 3k to marathon...