Cave Dwellings: A bit of a gut check…and …on countdown mode.
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, November 19, 2015

A bit of a gut check…and …on countdown mode.

  As of today, MacGyver and I are on a mission to get this rig rolling early next week. Because they were predicting 3-5 inches of rain, and because we have to pull through a patch of lawn when we pull the Hiker out, we decided to “get ‘er done” before we needed an ark..


Good thing we did…We got almost 4” of rain. Our GMC is a tough truck, but ya gotta remember, she’s 12 years old …Asking her to haul this thing through the mud??? not happening.

This also makes it easier to load it up…and we have been working on that. Our tentative “lift off” date is Tuesday, Nov. 24th…However..we are expecting 5-8” of snow Saturday and temps in the teens..Crap!..We stayed this long because our granddaughter is in the Kaneland High School Play, Romeo and Juliet…She plays a guy. (Remember, there were not a lot of female roles in Shakespeare’s plays..) We are going see the “understudy performance” on Saturday afternoon, where she has the understudy role of Benvolio, friend of Romeo…


As you can see, she is not psyched about this part at all!!!!!

A short blurb about my debacle parathyroid issues..I truly thought I had the answers, going to Northwestern University Hospital…I sent all my records they requested and also my scans and images..I was disappointed in not hearing back from my doc, so I checked to make sure they got all my info…That was 10/31..On Nov. 2 I got this reply from the doc…

Holding the CD's now, trying to upload and review images
Sorry for delay but will get back to you once I am able to load everything
Thanks for following up!

…and haven’t heard one word since. Of course now it is too late to do anything before we go South, so I gave up. I have been feeling crabby and sorry for myself, and in between that, I managed to get my yearly mammogram…Shock of shocks, I was called back for another one…something suspicious was seen . All of a sudden my stupid crabby self snapped right back into a panicky, scared girl…Long story short, I went back for another “squish”, and nothing was found…To say I was overjoyed is putting it mildly. I truly believe sometimes we all need a “gut check” to remind us what is important and realize just how lucky we are…and I am one happy and lucky lady..and my “girls” are both normal and fine.Whew!

Allow me one more bragadosio..Our grandson, Peyton, is on the Kaneland High School Cross Country track team..There was an awards night and .At awards night, he was awarded the Golden Knight Medal for the Sophomore Group (voted on by his cross country peers). To quote his mom, Terrie Cave Heiser, "Peyton has come so far, and has worked so hard to improve himself in every way ,improving both his physical strengths and (most importantly to us) his strength in his character! Your hard work paid off, buddy! We Love you so much!!!"...I couldn't agree more!!! Great job Peyton!!!!


Very proud of our grandson, Peyton Heiser!!

OK, so we are hoping to leave here next week. This weekend Chris and John will be here with the Wolff Cubs to attend Taylor’s play with us…Our weather here has been windy, windy and more windy!! ..and now it will be snowy and windy!!! Sure hoping for a little sunshine and NO WIND next week for a smooth runway and nice lift off!!

12239695_1208081899208823_6015099794524714993_n Windy again…sheesh!!


  1. Sure hope you can get out of there as planned! Don't need no snow!!!

  2. I know you're anxious, but stay put until you have good traveling weather.