Cave Dwellings: Going to the Monumental Marathon in Indy..then babysitting the Wolff Cubs.
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Going to the Monumental Marathon in Indy..then babysitting the Wolff Cubs.

I am very excited because tomorrow Den and I are going to Indy to watch the Monumental Marathon..26.6 miles..There is also a Monumental Half Marathon, 13.3 miles. This takes place Saturday, Nov. 7th.  Our youngest daughter, Christie Wolff, and our oldest daughter, Terrie Heiser and husband Tim are running the full Marathon. Our son, Kelly and his wife, Cindy are running their first half marathon. Soooo, we have 5 runners from the Cave family running Saturday! Chris’s hubby, John, has run 4 (or more) marathons, including the fated Boston Marathon of 2013. Terrie and Tim’s youngest son, Campbell, is going too so John Wolff will be driving us 3 spectators,( along with his 2 boys), around Indy following our family runners.

Wolffrun .before race

Left, is John Wolff, our son-in-law, Boston Marathon 2013….Right is Tim, Terrie, Chris and John…before a half marathon…

kelcinrun Terandchrisminifun

Left, Kelly and Cindy at O’Hare for a run on the new to open runway this Fall…Right…well, what can I say about those “Cave sisters”???

Terrie and Tim’s other 2 kiddos couldn’t make this trip to watch Mom and Dad…Taylor is now in Madrigals and she has Madrigal Camp all weekend..and Peyton is part of the Kaneland High School Cross Country Track Team..Turns out they are going down state to compete for the championship this weekend..That’s what happens when your kids get older and more active in extra curricular activities.

After this weekend, Ter, Tim and Campbell head back home, and the Caves and Wolffs get on a plane to Ft. Lauderdale, heading for 3 nights at Key West. MacGyver and “moi” will be on duty with Aiden and Maddox Wolff until Thursday. We will come back home Friday, the 13th…YIKES!! of all the days!…Friday night, we are going to the Harter Middle School play, where our youngest Heiser, Campbell, has a role. As you can see, it’s a busy time for us. We are hoping for “lift off” for the Hiker to be about the 23rd or 24th of November..That is if “God willing and the creek don’t rise”..Speaking of that, I heard from full time friends of ours in Texas that Canyon Lake, Potter’s Creek and Crane’s Mill campgrounds are closed due to the heavy flooding..I guess I am glad we decided to go back to Florida again this year.

101_0972 101_1048

Potter’s Creek was our “go to “ place North of San Antonio to spend Christmas…I hate that it is closed..The Texans celebrate Christmas and New Year’s with lots of beautiful fireworks..We always had a great view over Canyon Lake..Another campground, across the lake , Crane’s Mill, is also a nice spot. We stayed there only once, as they just put electric in it.

101_5381 2014-02-21 12.20.06

Both above photos were taken at Crane’s Mill campground on Canyon Lake, late February, 2014…We were right on the lake…looks like Den planned a campfire too!

So, as for the saga of my parathyroid issues, I haven’t heard one word from my doc at Northwestern Hospital about what is planned. It really doesn’t matter anyway, there is no time left to have a surgery and follow up before we head South…and my priorities right now are to “ make like a baby and head out”…Unfortunately, my mood swings continue, so I may have to reign in my emotional roller coaster for the next 4 months..Hey..I did it last year, I can do it again this year, right?

Stay tuned next weekend..I shall have many photos of our amazing family…



  1. Such runners in your family! Hope they all do well.

  2. Here's hoping for a good finish.

  3. That weather in Texas is crazy and has me concerned about traveling there this winter. The flooding is so sad. Have fun with the grandkids and hope this medical ordeal gets resolved soon.