Cave Dwellings: My Autumnal Poem time…with apologies to Robert Frost.
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My Autumnal Poem time…with apologies to Robert Frost.

I just love this time of year…There is something magical about crisp nights, full moon, campfires, candles, pumpkins and mums…Tom and Jerrys and Hot Buttered Rum…. I was outside a few days ago with my phone camera, taking a few photos …..

20150818_114236 One last blast of summer..This little guy looked like somebody chewed on his wings!

20150830_101408 20150830_101438

And then there is the ever present sign of Fall. This dude was hanging out around my patio umbrella. Left is his top side and right is his underside. Pretty evil looking, and he kept me from cranking open my umbrella until Super MacGyver swooped in, wearing his famous raggedy T-shirt and jeans shorts, and did away with said Mr. Evil…Dennis…my hero!!

It is almost time for our Sandwich Fair to begin. It opens the Wednesday after Labor Day. They have 5 days of events, rides, animals, cooking and sewing prizes…you name it they have it..One thing they WON”T have this year is our famous Sandwich Fair Grandstand.

fairgrandstand Jennyfair1914

The grandstand was built in 1915. The photo on right shows Den’s Grandma Jenny Bark sitting in front 4th person from the left (second woman). This was taken not far after 1915.


Above is what it looked like last year….


…and this is what we have this year…How awful. I cannot believe that the old grandstand couldn’t be saved. I just bet if they would have asked for donations and fundraisers, it could have been fixed and saved…”They paved Paradise to put in a parking lot”…right?

On a lighter note, we are looking forward to November for many reasons…Of course, leaving for Florida is right up there, but also we are going to Indianapolis for the Monumental Marathon. Some of our kids and spouses are running in the Marathon and the Mini Marathon…Christie, Terrie and Tim are running the marathon, 26.2 miles Kelly and Cindy are running the mini marathon, 13.1 miles. Den , Moi, Terrie’s 3 kids and John Wolff (Chris’s hubby) are going to be driving around like crazy people to cheer them on.  Actually, last Sunday our oldest daughter, Terrie, ran a mini marathon in Batavia ,IL. She went up alone because her hubby, Tim, had to sleep so  he could go to work the midnight shift. Enter, Dennis and I..unbeknownst to Terrie. We decided to drive up to Batavia (30 miles) and surprise her at the finish line.

20150830_092031 20150830_092027-1

Here she comes!!! Only Terrie would co-ordinate her running attire…soooo unlike her mother!!!

20150830_092231 11949530_1076437922366685_8932108264220607579_n

Check out her Wonder Woman socks…Hey, she IS my daughter after all!!! I do love my “fashion statement” socks…(hmmmm, I might have to add these to my “ensembles”.)

Other than this excitement , we are pretty boring here at the Cave Dwellings..Oh…I do have to add one more “event” that is coming up.. Dennis’s Aunt Jeanette will turn 100 years young Sunday, September 6th. She was born in 1915.

Jeanette 2012-11-17 14.14.53 2013-08-25 13.36.32

Not sure when photo on left was taken..maybe1940’s..middle one is pure Jeanette, taken Thanksgiving 2012…her age was 97…The picture on the right was taken in 2013, when Uncle Clarence was at Alden’s rehab..She is one amazing woman.. It’s been a rough year for both of them, but they are now both at  home with a part time caregiver…She did NOT want a big party, but that won’t stop us from taking a cake….with a few close friends…right??

I told you it was time for my Autumnal Poem…I have posted this before, so feel free to nod off..I won’t care…


Farewell Summer, Oh, I’ve had fun,

But FALL is what I love!

Bright new colors catch the sun,

Crisp, clear evenings have begun

And ..Oh, those Harvest Moons above.

OK, Jack, bring on your frost.

We’ll have a campfire every night.

And fallen leaves the trees have lost

By chilling winds they’re gently tossed

As flocks of geese begin their flight.

Oh, Fall, I relish all you bring,

As yet another Summer ends.

And different birds begin to sing

Oh, I’ll be loving everything!

I welcome you, my Autumn friend!

                                 D.Cave 08/30/2011


  1. nice job on the poem!!! I love fall too!
    100 years young?..she looks fabulous!

  2. Tell Jeannette Happy 100th from me. It's amazing, REALLY! My mother swore she would always bother me until she was 100. She didn't quite make it to 2017. :( I wish she had...

  3. Happy Birthday to your Aunt from Kansas!!! I would put 100 exclamation points but nobody wants to see that!

    I have been doing fam research on and somebody I'm related to is buried in the cemetery in Batavia! I say somebody because when you click on all those leaves for hints it can make you go insane. Next time I'm there I will write it down and let you know. I'm thinking it's my 4th or 5th great grandparents, last name Gowdy and he was a private in the Revolutionary War! Cool huh! Hey.... Maybe we're related!

    1. There are some Gowdys in Sandwich...Tom Gowdy..I will have to find out his Dad's name and let you know.

  4. The Sandwich Fair is still the best. I think next time we return to IL we'll plan around it. Always so much fun and then there's all the fall festivities, Glad to hear you have the winter all planned out and get to escape northern IL for awhile.

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