Cave Dwellings: It’s twins!!…kidney stones, that is..
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It’s twins!!…kidney stones, that is..

Gotcha!! Long story short, I have been suffering the last few days with what I thought (key word, THOUGHT)  was a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection, for all you home science freaks). Well, after going through a series of antibiotics, and a much needed visit to my new Urologist, it turns out I have a complete set of matching kidney stones stuck in my left ureter..OK, I know..TMI!! I ended up in the Imaging Dept. at a clinic to get a Cat Scan of my abdomen…and that’s where they were discovered, lurking around and causing havoc..I have decided to name them Damien and Lucifer…those nasty little devils. Yep, got me some Flomax, Ibuprofen, gallons of water and a strainer…What a party I can have with all of that stuff, right???WRONG!..I will definitely be testing the Rum and Coke theory..My theory is that if water is required, Rum and Coke would be even better…We who imbibe do know how many times you need the bathroom while drinking adult beverages…FLUSH THEM OUT, I SAY!

Being that I am ill (not only mentally, but now it’s physically too), I am getting a lazy old blog of photos together to set my nostalgia mood..these are photos we took at Falcon Lake State Park , Roma TX in January of 2012…What a place for birders!!! These photos make me happy.

101_1159 101_1175 101_1181

Two pictures on left are Pyrrhuloxia…They do resemble Cardinals, right?..The little guy right, is a Black Crested Titmouse..

101_1339 101_1336 101_1350

Oriole, Armadillo, and Cactus Wren..


The Orioles loved oranges and jelly!

101_1530 101_1526

Left is the stunning Green Jay…not sure what that guy is on the right…HEY!!! I need the Birdlady of Blogland to guide me here!! I am now going to savor even more of this trip with a few well placed other photos…all taken in January, 2012, at Falcon Lake..

101_1184 101_1210 101_1299

All spots are pull-through and they have some with W & E, and some full hook-up…OOPS! How did that old bird get in there?????

101_1376 101_1381

The “caballeros” in the photo behind me were traveling Catholic missionaries who frequented Texas in the 1800’s..Right photo, well, that is the Rio Grande and Mexico just over our shoulder!

101_1378 101_1371 101_1374

Viva Zapata! is a 1952 biographical film starring Marlon Brando and Anthony Quinn (won the Academy Award for that movie) and directed by Elia Kazan. The screenplay was written by John Steinbeck. Part of this famous movie was filmed in Roma, TX. The Roma National Historic Landmark District contains over 30 structures built before 1900.

101_1599 101_1489

So, that is my lazy blog by re-posting some old photos of Falcon Lake State Park, TX. If you decide to go, go only in the Winter..It is too damn hot in the summer..Also, be very aware that the bridge to Mexico is just 2 miles from the park entrance …and be very aware of your surroundings…AND..if you want to go boating and fishing, check with the park …Unfortunately, a few years ago, an American couple went on a Skidoo across the lake to the Mexican side….he was murdered, she survived …

So now that I have probably scared the beJesus out of you from going to Falcon State Park…Seriously, it is a beautiful park and destination…Please, use your head, don’t be stupid.. and you will be just fine…

I sure do LOVE me some Roma, TX history!!!!


  1. Your way sounds easier for dealing with those kidney stones than my way. Had to get my one big stone shattered to bits by a laser gun device a few years back. Of course I slept through the whole procedure so that was Okay. Like your colorful bird photos.

    1. Had that laser stuff done twice already...and a stent put in...That was a few years ago...not fun.

  2. Okay, Grasshopper, that little bird is an American Goldfinch. By the way, I think your 'cactus wren' is actually a northern mockingbird. ;)

    I'm guessing that the pain of twin kidney stones is similar to giving birth to twins??

  3. Using Cranberry Juice will help you to flush out your kidney stones. It's also great for kidney and bladder infections. If you go to Florida don't drink the water from the faucet in your rig. Kathy had infections two years in a row. When we started using dispensed water no more problems.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. LOL; almost got me with the twins title! We may catch up with you guys this winter as we will be at Cedar Key RV Resort in March; right across the street from Angler's.