Cave Dwellings: Another Sandwich Fair comes and goes…
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Another Sandwich Fair comes and goes…

This past weekend we had a mini Cave-A- Palooza here …Chris and John arrived with the boys Friday night to attend the tractor pulls on Saturday…Terrie and her 3 kids came over too..Kelly and Cindy are in NYC celebrating their anniversary. They were married on 9/11/2007 in Ireland. Their trip to the Big Apple included the 9/11 museum and a trip to the new memorial to observe the ceremony commemorating 14 years since that devastating day.

076 September 11, 2007, Dingle Peninsula, Ireland.

It turns out they attended the Today Show at the Plaza on Monday morning..How fun!! One of our friends caught the following photo of them in the crowd, waving at the camera.


Yep…there they are, the couple in the middle!!

todayshow savannahguthrie mattlauercindy

They also managed to get some great pictures with the hosts, Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer…Kel and Cin said that everyone on staff was extremely cordial and nice!

Last weekend was also the Sandwich Fair…Den and I walked out with the Wolffs and a couple Heisers Saturday afternoon..


  101_7368 101_7372 101_7387

101_7417 101_7371 101_7404

This was on Saturday afternoon….The tractor pulls start Saturday evening at 6:30PM…I am NOT a fan of the loud “pulls”..Hearing them from our house is about as loud as I like it…So, I stay back here with the kids and we toast marshmallows…

20150912_192611 The crazy people who go to the tractor pulls park here in our driveway and walk out to the fairgrounds (only 1 block from here). Then about 9PM, when they are over, the loud and rowdy tractor pull fans (our family) walk back here for adult beverages and the wonderful campfire ….that I STARTED, I might add!!

20150912_213005 20150912_213018 20150912_213056

So, as usual, we had a wonderful and very busy weekend with our family. As you can see, everyone was in sweatshirts at the campfire Saturday night, but our wind switched Sunday and the past few days have been 80 degrees with a fabulous South wind..a little touch of summer!  I do feel Fall in the air though, and that means MacGyver will soon be in the combine, playing farmer in the corn and beans..This means I will soon be a farmer’s widow.  Trust me, I find things to occupy myself…like shopping, lunch with girlfriends, and maybe even a trip to visit the Wolff family in Zionsville, IN.

  I forgot to mention I did manage to get an appointment with an endocrinologist at Northwestern  University Medical Center in Chicago (shock of shocks!!) I am tired of wondering if this hyperparathyroidism is REAL, or just in my head…They must have seen something the docs didn’t like in my Nuclear Scan I had last May…THAT, after all,  is the reason I had that surgery on July 23rd of last year!!!!. So, on October 7th I see yet another doc…in Chicago. I’m not going to shut up until they decide if I DO have an adenoma ( tumor) on my parathyroid or DON’T!…It might take another Nuclear Scan…but WIT! (whatever it takes!!). Meanwhile, I am having all my scans, x-rays and records sent to the new doc…Let’s get to the crux of the problem and fix it, so we can head South after Thanksgiving, right?

Speaking of camping, (I cannot WAIT!), we are going to rent a rug shampooer and clean up the Hiker’s carpet before we jump in and get on the road. Actually, it isn’t too bad, but being a light color, I think there are some traffic spots we need to “brighten up”. I am soooo ready to get out of here, and I fear the older we get, the less chances we have…Life might get in the way of our plans one of these days…CARPE DIEM!!



  1. The Sandwich Fair can always be counted on for a good time. How fun to see your son and DIL on the today show. Nice selfie photos. Hope all turns out well with that thyroid issue. Grrr.... how frustrating :-(

  2. Some how I missed this post. What in the world is that guy cooking on those sticks at the fair?