Cave Dwellings: MacGyver’s new “ride”..and EF-4 Tornado footage
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, April 17, 2015

MacGyver’s new “ride”..and EF-4 Tornado footage


Here it is!! 2001 GMC Sonora…I’m likin’ those fancy pants wheels and tires myself..

Actually, Ol’ Blue  is running again, but Den is pretty sure something else will “go South” on it soon, and it will continue to be a “money pit”…Hey, it’s 27 years old…I wonder how old that is in truck years??? At any rate, Ol’ Blue will likely go out on Center Street “FOR SALE”…or to our local junk yard…

Lots going on here….All our kids will be here this weekend to attend my brother’s step-daughter’s wedding in Ottawa, IL…So I plan on a Cave-A-Palooza here at the Cave Dwellings Saturday night after the wedding and reception. Sounds like it might be perfect campfire weather…The Wolff family will leave here Sunday AM ( after a Casey’s Breakfast Pizza) for home. ..Then Dennis and I will be heading down to their house in Zionsville Monday. I have my much anticipated appointment scheduled at Indiana University with Dr. Michael Moore.  I first have to have a CT scan of my neck, then I see the Doc..We shall see what  he says…

We are staying with the Wolff Cubs from Wednesday until Friday afternoon so Chris can go with John on a “business trip” to  Las Vegas..He has a meeting out there and she may as well go along while we are there to watch the boys…I love that area they live in anyway…Going to their home is like a vacation trip for me…I have been working in our yard for about 4 days and frankly feel that we don’t NEED all of this land!! I would live in our camper in a heartbeat…

Next weekend our one and only granddaughter, Taylor, has a role in a musical at Kaneland High School. Den and I are attending the Sunday matinee of “Shrek, the Musical” at the high school. Taylor has 3 different parts, and one is a dancing pig…I don’t remember much about Shrek, but I am sure it will be lots of fun! 

Our daughter, Terrie, is at it again, working on projects in her home…

20150413_152920  20150413_152954

Here are a few of her latest accomplishments as Terrie Heiser Designs…An old wooden spool now holds books as an end table…and on the right…both of those thing she made..sheesh!

20150413_153148 20150413_153234

Above is her clock she made out of a wooden spool top, and the kitchen light was made with those lights they use to keep baby chicks warm in the barn…She just put regular bulbs in them…I cannot even hold a screwdriver the right way..She is a MacGyverette, for sure. She had MY MacGyver over to her house to get advice on her next big project…

20150413_153443 20150413_155113

See those French Doors? Well, Terrie wants to make them into sliding French Doors..Sounds like a huge deal to me, but she has researched it and Dennis says she has it under control…MacGyver, of course, will be available for “consultations” on this one…

Some of you may have heard about the EF-4 Tornado that ripped through Illinois last Thursday, the 9th of April…It began in the town of Rochelle, IL, about 40 miles North of Sandwich and did some damage, but the worst hit was the little town of Fairdale, IL.  Make sure you click on those links…you will see some very frightening video of this monster storm on both links!!

wedge-tornado  wedgetornado2

The photo on left is the tornado in it’s first stages, out in a cornfield..The right photo is the damage it reeked in Fairdale, a town of 200 residents..Miraculously, only 2 people died. They attribute that to the great news coverage of the approaching storm . I know our weather radio here at our house went off a few times, and I did hear that Tornado WARNING for Northern DeKalb County…Man, that was waaaay too close!

OK, this is a quickly thrown together blog…(no, really Donna?)..I have to make my chicken salad for our lunch tomorrow…The Wolff family will roll through here about 7PM this evening…and I am quite sure there will be a cocktail hour by our campfire with roasted marshmallows for the boys!! I will let ya know how my Doc appt. turns out and post some photos of our trip to Zionsville!!


  1. Nice clean looking little truck & I'm wondering if it's a Sonoma instead of a Sonora. Sonoma's are known to be faster than Sonoras. Sonoras have a habit of slowing down in the afternoon & stopping for Siestas. The GMC looks to be the same color as our upcoming Jeep Liberty. And yes, nice chrome rims to boot on that Sonoozerama:))

  2. If you lived in your camper, I'm not sure you'd have enough room for all of your seasonal decorations! ;) Got my fingers crossed for your Dr. appointment...

  3. Tornados always scare the heck out of me. I still remember the one that hit Plainfield in the late 80's. Sending good vibes for the Dr. appt. In the meantime, have a great time with the family this weekend :-)

  4. Love the NEW truck. We know that Dennis will be looking good driving that lil gem around :)