Cave Dwellings: Some things can come back and “bite ya in the butt”..
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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Some things can come back and “bite ya in the butt”..

We all know how sometimes we have certain things “bite us in the butt”, so to speak..Well, I think I literally save MacGyvers’ arse from just that…Look what I found when I opened his collapsible camping chair…


Me thinks that is a baby Scorpion..and he is right in the middle of Den’s chair seat…(notice the burn whole from our campfires behind him..yes, our campfires can get dangerous too!)

Not too much going on here at Ortona campground…Here are a few more photos of our space and the camping areas…

101_6199 20141221_075150




Left is the loop at the end of our road where you can turn around and go back the other way…I gotta say that this place is kept impeccable, the sites are as clean as you can get…That gravel is great to keep from tracking grub into the camper.  We are leaving here Thursday and heading just down the road to W.P. Franklin campground located in Alva, FL…about 30 miles from here.

These two army corps campgrounds are really hard to get into during Jan and Feb…December isn’t quite as bad, but still a challenge. Like most corp campgrounds, you can only book 6 months ahead, so you have to be at your computer sitting at full attention exactly 6 months out from the first day you want..and jump on the website at exactly 9AM…AND …you gotta be “fast fingered” to book anything, as sometimes they are full up in an hour…I did find out that it doesn’t hurt to check from time to time, as they do get cancellations as the time goes on…

The very first time we were here at Ortona was August of 2005, on our way to the Keys after our daughter got married on Longboat Key, near Sarasota…


We were down in the first loop then…It was August…hotter than Hades…and we were the ONLY ones here at the park..Note our camper door was closed..One of the few times we have ever used A/C when camping…We vowed to  make it here someday in the Winter time…and we have succeeded twice ..I highly recommend it here!

After we do our 2 weeks at W.P.,(that sounds like we are doing time in prison!),  we are moving farther South to Big Cypress National Park, Midway Campground for a week.  This will be a great base camp to visit our friends Tom and Sammee King in Everglade City and explore the everglades…Tom and Dennis graduated from Sandwich High School together, class of 1960, so they are both older than dirt..Tom and Sam have a great boat and they go every year to Everglade City and rent a park model for January and February..You may remember my post of Jan. 2013 when they took us out on their boat’’


Yes, I was having some real fun…and cannot wait to visit with them again this year…Hmmm..maybe I should get a bail bondsman card..??

This last Friday, we got together with blogger Canadian friends, Rick and Elaine Cochrane. They have been spending their Winters here just up the road at an RV park called The Glades.  We visited them at their park and met lots of really nice people there too!  Thanks you two, for inviting us to your “happy HAPPY HOUR!”. I had so much fun I left my Xmas mug there…duh.

101_6197 101_6198

Last night we washed behind our ears and cleaned up..(slightly)…We went into Labelle Moose Lodge for an adult beverage…I made Dennis take my picture to prove that I CAN clean up fairly decent, without even one article borrowed from my evening “ensembles”…

101_6201  101_6202

And I was sporting my Oswego IL Fire Dept. "Red Friday T-Shirt"  our son Kelly got us to show support for our troops…The reason for the red color is evident in their slogan, “They bleed red, so we wear red”.  I suggest you click on the link and get one if possible…Our troops need to know we all love and support them protecting this great country!!!!

Ok, today was a beautiful 80 something degree day here. I have to pinch myself to make sure I didn’t just dream we are Florida..I do that a lot at my age..dream stuff and think it really happened..I just recently realized that I really wasn’t married to Johnny Depp many years ago..what a disappointment THAT was!!

forgetful Maxine


  1. Looking good in your red T Donna. Wish we were having some of that nice weather. It's a cold and rainy day on Mustang Island. Oh well, still better than snow and freezing temps in Colorado. Wishing you a great New Year!

  2. Looking hot as ever in red...Glad your warm and having fun..We are cold and not so much fun...Leaving Mesa, AZ headed to the "Q" Happy New Year's to you both..

  3. nice to see Rick and Elaine's smiling faces again! and yours too, of course!!

  4. I think that scorpion would have flipped me out! I really don't want to see one of those in living color.

  5. We see scorpions here in Arizona. The smaller ones (bark) are worse than the larger ones. It's not much different from a bee sting unless you have an allergic reaction.

  6. That scorpion could definitely give you a hot seat:)

  7. Do take the boat trip to the Thousand Islands when visiting the Everglade City area. We saw some wild Dolphins that did flips for us.

  8. Close call for Den with the Scorpion. That guy could have been a real pain in the ass for sure.

  9. Glad you found the scorpion before it found you ! Nice to have met you.........Happy Trails