Cave Dwellings: Here I am AGAIN!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, December 5, 2014

Here I am AGAIN!

So, I got a total reality check from Judy about my lack of mojo on my blogging. As she put it, “Oh come on now, you can post every three days, How about some more pictures of the campgrounds you're in? And where are those 'stylish' ensembles? Is MacGyver not grilling out for you? :) I gotta say that I have been lax in my creativity due to a general lethargy about almost everything.  Judy is correct.  I should be able to post more often now.  After all, I AM ON THE ROAD, for God’s sake!!  It seems that the down turn of events the last 6 months had finally caught up with me, and yes, my mojo had abandoned me. (Mr. Mojo probably didn’t want to hang around Nancy Negative either!)   Suffice to say, I found no zest in writing…and my “get up and go” just got up and went…Having said that,  I am trying to get back to that “ happy place”. I know I can find it…and only I can control that. Thanks, Judy, I needed that proverbial “kick in the ass!”. Gotta count those blessings, and… a good knock up along side the head is sometimes needed…Thanks, girlfriend.!

OK , enough boring psycho-self analyzing…(THAT was a mouthful!).  MacGyver and I are getting closer to Florida..I can almost see DisneyWorld from here. (with apologies to Sarah Palin) .We are currently camped in Twitley Branch Army Corps campground in Collinsville, MS.  Collinsville is just North of Meridian, for all you Atlas home gamers.  We are almost in the movie “Deliverance”.  NO!!, I was just KIDDING!   However, it is very quiet here most of the time. We even heard a Screech Owl the other night sitting by the fire..creepy but somehow calming. 

20141203_164927 20141203_165032

This loop is the only loop open here this time of year…loop LobLolly..Yeah, I know..perfect for me..I can be a little “lobLolly” on occasion.



On the left is the shower house, which we never use..BUT, in the middle door is a small laundry…1 washer and 1 dryer…This was the first place I visited when we got set up…One week,  and we both run out of underwear…Maybe that was TMI , huh?

Out of 30 sites in this loop, we are one of four RV’s here.  Normally I find this wonderful, but I got a little paranoid when I drove up to this laundry BY MYSELF (Dennis was hooking up the Direct TV).  I threw in a load, went up and signed us in, then drove back to the laundry to sit outside and do a crossword puzzle till time to rotate said laundry…As I was sitting  all alone on the little park bench you see outside the building, it came to mind that someone could whisk me away to places unknown and no one would be the wiser. (except me, I can be a wise ass if driven to it!)..I REALLY need to stop watching re-runs of Criminal Minds on the TV!..but it did unnerve me slightly.  Note to really should carry mace, a whistle…or borrow a “billy club” from Detective Heiser!!


101_5915 20141204_123908

The weather has been 70’s and I have coffee outside…LOVE IT!! Right is my view from my coffee spot yesterday AM..not too bad! Well, those garbage cans might be a stretch!

Last evening, MacGyver and I were sitting by the fire and it was just very quiet and hazy. The moon won’t be full until Dec. 6th (tomorrow), but as it was coming up just behind the pines I had to get a picture…

20141204_171536 20141204_171608

Left, it wasn’t quite dark…I took above photos with the camera on my phone…I do believe I caught that hazy moon peeking and winking at me from behind those pines.

101_5910What a difference the good 35mm digital camera makes, right??

We have had a campfire here every evening, and a nice brisk and warm walk in just jeans and a T-shirt in the mornings…

101_5904 101_5905 101_5907

Those Cypress knobs look like this tree has claws!..I saw something across the river and zoomed in with the good camera…Couldn’t have caught the “masked marauder” with my camera phone!

Well, that is about it for today…Oh, …to answer the question if Chef Dennis  still grills out for us…YES! Tonight is chicken quarters on the little Weber charcoal…I am marinating…Let me rephrase that, it’s  not ME marinating, but the chicken. (I’ll be marinating myself about 5PM).   Later this afternoon, the chickens get my rub, and soon they are ready for the Chef to work his grilling magic.  Chef Dennis has been my official “griller of choice” for 45 years now…He thinks he needs a raise….fat chance.


Above….on the left…I present my Chef..Chef Dennis, assisted by his sous-chef (his cousin, on the right)…

This was taken in our driveway about 1982..Hmmm ..I wonder why he doesn’t cook in that little outfit these days! I really must see about his chef apparel!. (wink wink)…

“If you don't do anything stupid when you're young, you won't remember something funny when you're old...”



  1. Now I'm going to have to show Chef Jay that cooking outfit too! I really do enjoy the shots of the COE parks you stay in. Who knows, someday I might return east.

  2. Donna, thanks from the great blog today, realized I've been missing you too. Becki

  3. Good to hear from y'all!

  4. "What a difference the good 35mm digital camera makes, right?? Yep sure agree with you on this one. Nice to finally get into warmer weather eh & how nice to be surrounded by a change of scenery for a change. Best thing is knowing you have months of adventures in warm weather ahead. And how great is it to not be stuck in a long cold snowy boring winter. Yaaaay team:))

  5. Not sure I'm on board with the nearly nekked guys cooking, but I'll try and put that image out of my mind.
    I was gonna say, "See, you can do it!" but then I got to the end and then I lost track.
    I'm not sure where my bloggin Mojo went. Need some diversions. At least you're at a campground fer heavens sakes!
    Have fun. And try not to get spooked.

  6. Thanks for the photo of the skimpily clad men bbq'ing. Something to think about all day. You sure have a nice spot there.

  7. You are watching too much tv, not likely someone would try to snatch a fighter like you! I'm alone all the time and never carry anything at all. Lots of rocks and sticks lying around if you really need a weapon. If you're worried about sexual assault 40% of women assaulted are under the age of 25 and only 13% of sexual assaults are committed by strangers. Some cheery facts, but the good news is you're probably pretty darn safe on a bench in a campground in broad daylight. Watch more shows where women get out and conquer the world! I've been watching State of Affairs and it's pretty good.