Cave Dwellings: ….and we gotta go farther North…just great!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, March 3, 2014

….and we gotta go farther North…just great!

I must preface this statement by saying that I expect NO sympathy, NO violin fingers, NO “Wow! That’s too bad!”.  I gotta say it…the Texas Winter this year has been brutal at best.  For a while it seemed that a person just could NOT get far enough South to avoid it.  I have worn shorts about 6 times in almost 3 1/2 months, so our laundry full of jeans and sweatshirts takes at least 3 machines instead of 2.  However..and this is a BIG HOWEVER…the rest of the nation has faired much worse that we have.  Call it Climate Change , Polar Vortex, Old Man Winter…whatever..This has been one of the coldest freekin’ Winters ever,  and has broken many records along with hoses, water pipes and power lines…And now, Den and I are going to head yet farther North ..SAY WHAAAAT?.

taylor p. bear

“Dude, I love the sunglasses and white parka, but the nose belongs to a guy named Rudolf!”

This Wednesday, Den and I are heading toward Fort Worth, TX to an Army Corps park called Lake Benbrook.  We have friends living in Hurst, TX (a suburb of the Dallas/ Ft. Worth metroplex), and haven’t seen them in about 7 years.  He was a friend of Den’s before we met and Bob and Dennis worked at Caterpillar Tractor together. Then Bob got married, and Dennis got divorced..Bob moved to Dallas to work for Bell Helicopter, and Dennis…well, he just moved on but he did stay at Cat! When I caught Dennis Dennis and I got married, Bob was our Best Man.


Left to right, Flower Girl,Kim Burkhardt; Den’s sister, Evonne; my friend Renene ; my sister, Darlene;  Moi and MacGyver; Bob (our Best Man); Michael, my brother; Ronnie, Den’s bro-in-law; and Ring Bearer Scotty, Den’s nephew.  Three of these people are now gone…Den’s sis, my sis, and Scotty.

We have been in Texas before to visit Bob and Donna.  The last time we saw them we were in campingTexarkana and they came to visit us at Wright Patman Lake.  We always have lots of fun with Bob and Donna and I wish we lived closer…Wait a minute, that may NOT be the best idea. If memory serves, there are many stories  of Den and Bob drag racing their 1967 Chevelle and Camaro,  respectively.  Maybe it’s just as well that we don’t live tooooo close!  Hey, these two guys may have grown OLD, but that doesn’t mean they’ve grown up!

After our week around Fort Worth, we are heading over to Jefferson, TX for one week, then up to Texarkana for our final week.  Texarkana is usually our “launch site” for the 2 night trek back home.  Target “launch date” is March 26th this year.  Much as I hate to leave, I do look forward to seeing all our family..You know darn well, that this is my cue to sneek a few family photos into this blog…

Chrisjohn_ Aidenmadds

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2013-04-01 20.02.51

Makes a mother/mother-in-law proud

Yep, family is everything!….See Y’all in Fort Worth!! (Bring your parkas, mittens and mukluks, just in case!)


  1. lol Yup, I know what you mean!! We're down in Port Aransas and will be starting our trek north on April 1st. :) I am also looking forward to catching up with family. It will be worth dealing with a little cold weather.

  2. You wore shorts six times in the last three months? You were obviously in warmer places than I've been!

  3. It's still pretty cold up at Benbrook... right now as I write, it's only 34 degrees. We'll be heading there in 2 weeks... hope it warms up by then. Hope y'all have safe and happy travels.

  4. You guys sure got the wrong end of the stick weather wise this winter. Maybe Arizona next year ya think. We know a couple at Hickiwan Trails right now & they seem to be having a good time. Not sure who is managing it but maybe things have turned around & are on the up & up at Hickiwan again. I remember how you guys liked it there. Always gonna be warm weather in that area for sure.

  5. Sorry we missed you on Friday. Hopefully, you will have good weather for your last 3 weeks. Can't wait to read of your escapades with the family. We left Potters Creek COE today and are heading west. Of course, rain, sleet and freezing rain predicted for tonight so we are tucked in at Junction, TX. No more long stops until we hit some warm weather. Be safe out there!

  6. Sitting here reading this with my shorts and tank on. Come west you girl..

  7. This has been an awful winter!! It will definitely go down in the record books I'm sure!! The fact that you were able to wear shorts is pretty amazing..I've been in a sweatshirt the entire winter and still COLD!!
    I bet you are really missing that wonderful family a ton!! They'll be glad to see you all as well. :-)

  8. Welcome to the Forth Worth area! We are gate guarding across I35 from Alliance Airport. So cold the night before last EVERYTHING froze. Not supposed to be like this in Texas, is it? Most of the men working on the well here did not have to work yesterday due to the 14 degree weather at 5 am. But here they are back today.

    Enjoy your time here catching up with old friends.

  9. Having a family to return to always makes going home a whole lot easier. I'm looking forward to it this year.

    It's odd because this year in Desert Hot Springs has been our absolute best weather of the 7 years we've been coming south - and, it's always been good. C'mon to California!

  10. Sorry to hear the Texas winter wasn't as agreeable as in past years. Once we hit AZ we've been enjoying gorgeous weather...... with the exception of a day of rain and a little wind we can't complain. Safe travels and enjoy catching up with old friends :-)

  11. You know you guys will have to pass our park on your way to Jefferson and Texarkana. Travel safe