Cave Dwellings: Winding down our trip to Ft. Worth
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, March 10, 2014

Winding down our trip to Ft. Worth

Well, we have had a great visit with our good friends here in Ft. Worth. They have shown us a fun time and it was so nice to get together with them again.  Bob had to fly to Florida yesterday to see his nieces and nephews, and we assured him that we could entertain ourselves for the last few days here. Last Saturday Bob and Donna took us to Bob’s son’s home for a cookout. 

2014-03-07 16.21.24 2014-03-07 16.21.53

They have a lovely home with an outdoor bar area. In the right photo, Bob’s son Aaron is in the middle. He reminds me a lot of our son, Kelly. He is a big man, and very cordial, funny and caring. (Not to mention that he’s a great cook!)

2014-03-07 16.20.50 2014-03-07 16.22.24

I loved that outdoor bar and grilling area…Notice the TV mounted from the ceiling next to the ceiling fan…so you can see it if you are on a raft in the pool…OH, YEAH!!

Aaron and his wife, Debbie have a cat named Sam who does tricks like a dog.  On command (verbal and hand signals) Sam will SIT, SHAKE PAW, and….

2014-03-07 17.28.48 2014-03-07 17.29.23

….Debbie had him roll over for us…WHAAAAT???? I couldn’t believe it.  We have had lots of cats over the years, and they were naughty, nasty, stuck up and independent.  You couldn’t get them to do any tricks on command…One of our cats, Dirty Harry, would get on the counters and steal whatever I had in the way of food.  We knew he couldn’t manage to eat whole tortillas, but a few weeks later we discovered some tortillas under our basement staircase…and I surely didn’t hide them there!!

We took a ride Sunday morning and discovered that there is no shortage of money  here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area…Here are just a few of the homes we saw…

2014-03-09 11.33.42 2014-03-09 11.35.12 2014-03-09 11.38.17

These next photos were taken in the “subdivision” right next to our park.  We can see some of these homes up on the hills overlooking Benbrook Lake…

2014-03-09 11.47.16  2014-03-09 11.47.502014-03-09 11.51.04

2014-03-09 11.48.06

This little number was under construction…It was at the end of the cul-de-sac overlooking the lake…HOLY OPULENCE, BATMAN!!

The weather has gotten decidedly warmer today, and I actually sat outside with my book this afternoon.  We will be leaving here Wednesday and driving 4 hours across Texas to the East boundary and returning to one of our very favorites, Jefferson, Texas.  Our plans are to stay in Jefferson at Buckhorn Creek Campground for 1 week, and then move up to the “Ark-La_Tex” and stay 1 week at Wright Patman Lake, Clear Springs Campground in Texarkana.  This puts our planned “lift off” date for home to be March 26th.  Allowing for 2 nights on the road, God willing and the creek/snow don’t rise, we should arrive at 518 W. Center in Sandwich, IL on Friday, March 28th…Right now, I will not dwell on going home, as I have mixed feelings..I miss my family (we have a few peeps in need of a hug), but I have enjoyed our time back in the Hiker..Trust me, after we are back  home for about 2 weeks, I will be planning our next Winter trip…maybe back to Florida… we all know, plans are made in jello!!!!

“Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.”

                                                                                                       ~ Winston Churchill


  1. I sure all that snow in your front yard is gone by the time you get home! Travel safely.

  2. Too bad you can't stay down south's just beginning to finally warm up!

  3. Hope you had time to visit Old Ft Worth... a restored area of Cowtown worth seeing.

  4. Still looks a little cold in Sandwich judging by your header pic. Nice digs you're staying in now though - might want to hang around there for a few more days! Sure are some monster homes in that area. Always makes me wonder what these folks do for a living.

  5. Cats are definitely trainable, but you must have lots of patience, lots of praise, and lots of treats.

    Thanks for the recommendations on campgrounds. I always put those on my bucket list for when we travel in those areas.

  6. Hope all that snow has melted before you get home the last of March. Looks like a great afternoon at Bob's son's home.I do hope you got to the stockades in Fort's fun to watch the "stampede" of the cattle. Risky's BBQ isn't bad either!!