Cave Dwellings: Back inside with day/night shades drawn.
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Back inside with day/night shades drawn.

OK, so I guess the Texas Winter wasn’t quite over..I went from sitting outside Sunday in 81 degree sunshine to hunkering down inside the Hiker yet again, with shades drawn against tthe 39 degree temps and 30mph wind gusts…whatever.  We have only missed one night of a campfire here at Crane’s Mill, and I have a good feeling that tonight will be the 2nd night…We have been putting out our awning and tying it down when we land at our campsites.  Last night both MacGyver and I awoke about 2:30AM and came to the same conclusion ..PULL THAT AWNING IN AND POUND SOME TENT STAKES IN THE SATELLITE DISH!! When both jobs were accomplished, we slept much better..even though the Hiker was dancing the Hula all night long.  How do you people in those little Casitas handle these winds?? I would be tempted to get out and make a bed UNDER the camper..

I really do enjoy the location of this campground.  When we are across Canyon Lake, at Potter’s Creek, we have to drive about 26 miles into New Braunfels for groceries..and the laundry is about 15 miles away from the campground.  Here, the laundry is 2.8 miles from the campgrounds, and the Bulverde HEB is only 11 miles…LOVE IT!

2014-02-22 15.48.31 2014-02-22 15.45.06 2014-02-22 15.48.03

Above is a little “joint” we found just outside the park entrance.  It’s called The Hideout, and is a neighborhood beer and wine tavern. We stopped in there (NO, REALLY?) for a drink  last Saturday late afternoon and found it a nice little bar for ice cold beer and wine…

2014-02-22 15.46.06

It may look like Den and I frequent all the bars, but we usually don’t go into one until “date night” (Saturday).  And we prefer the older establishments in any area.  How many shuffleboard tables do you come across in a “high end” bar?  I remember these as a little girl, stopping into the local joint with my Dad..He would buy my brother and I a couple Cokes and we would busy ourselves playing shuffleboard while Dad visited with the locals…Usually one or two beers and Dad was ready to go..Some may not approve, but this was how I was raised.  Dad was a milk man and drove into Cicero, Il to deliver milk to the “mom and pop” corner grocers.  This meant getting up at 2AM for him. He had all the keys to the stores and delivered their milk for the day,  leaving home before the sun came up, and getting home about 2PM…I got to ride with him a couple times…To me, that was REALLY special…All the chocolate milk you could drink, and penny candy at every store (Dad would leave the money on the counter by the cash register..THAT wouldn’t happen any more!)

101_5409 101_5410

The other day, I happen to mention that I would like one of those little flagpoles made from plastic pipe.  You  know, the ones that swivel in the wind and have a light on the flag..Well, say no more..MacGyver went into the hardware store and within about 1 hour he had it pretty much assembled…



Now all we need is a new American Flag, and a light…WOOT!WOOT!

This last Monday, the park almost emptied out.  I have a feeling that there will be more moving in by this weekend.  It’s getting close to Spring Break..and warmer weather (in our dreams). I do love our site here, out on the lake point.  But, it does have it’s disadvantages when the winds are blowing in across Canyon Lake.  I have lousy sinuses anyway, but this “arctic blast” has kept me inside with no morning walk unless those winds die down!  I have been cooking more inside since the cold snap…

2014-02-23 08.23.02

Hustled us up some breakfast chow the other day..Fried eggs (over easy, please)  on a bed of hash browns, bacon and sausage.  Thank God for Simvistatin!  Basically, this is most all we  have done while here.  In previous trips to Canyon Lake, we have done the Alamo, Gruene, LBJ Ranch, Luckenback, and Bandera…Don’t get me wrong, many of those things we could do again, but the weather has to be at least at the 60 degree level, and the winds down to blowing off your hat and not your toupee’…


…One thing we LOVE about this site on the lake’s edge are the “killer” great sunsets!


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  1. Are you getting the ice cold rain too? Brr! Now that looks like a tasty breakfast. I like my eggs over easy, but I can't seem to flip them without breaking the yolk. :(

    1. Yes, Judy..we are getting cold rain and wind gusts to 30mph...suppose to be 70 degrees by Friday...I don't believe them anymore.

  2. Just picked up my year supply of Simvastatin in Mexico. We could not ask for better weather here.

  3. Too bad about more bad weather for sure. Not nice being cooped up in the rig while in the south. I remember well those shuffleboard tables in the bars & hotels during my drinking days. Like the 'over easy' breakfast but I'll pass on the cold beer. Haven't had one of those things for nearly 35 years..........................

    1. And you are to be congratulated on stayin "on the wagon" for that long..I know it is one day at a time...At least you know your weakness and addressed it, Al...

  4. Cold here, also. Is Spring ever going to arrive? Good report on Crane's Mill. Always nice to be near a HEB's for food and DRINK. Actually think our little Casita's handle the winds better than the larger units, but they can still rock and roll at times. Breakfast pic made me hungry. Trying to get the missus into the kitchen.:-)

    1. Trust me, I don't cook breakfast often...once a week and usually on Sundays...I would rather eat breakfast OUT...that's my favorite eat out meal!