Cave Dwellings: A Midwestern “Summit” Meeting
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Midwestern “Summit” Meeting

   Dennis and I are now happily ensconced in the beautiful Live Oak Trees at Goose Island State Park.  We have been to this park about 6 times.  They have 2 different camping areas here.  One is on the bay and the other is among the trees. We have stayed at both but since our last site at Mustang Island was near the ocean and we needed to pick our teeth clean of sand, we opted for the shelter of the Live Oak’s long and twisted branches.

101_5199 101_5191 101_5192

We are all nestled down in site #112 on the end, which gives us extra room.



This shot was taken looking down the length of the campsites from in front of ours.  Notice those trees, twisting and turning like Gumby (not sure ALL of you will remember him!)  Our weather is warmer here, which we were both ready for.  So far we haven’t donned our Winter coats for our morning walks.  In fact yesterday, it was 70 degrees.  I have yet to drag out my shorts in the public.  I need to get a little more sun so the road maps on my legs are not quite so evident ( insert a smiley face  here…my “cool Emotions” are not working anymore (insert grumpy face).

Our walks so far have been out to the bay front area where the other camp area is..

On our very first walk, we encountered familiar faces noses beaks….


….The Three Stooges….Molt, Harry and Beaky..

The beachfront has 2 distinct areas, the East side and West side…No, there isn’t much difference

101_5204 101_5194 101_5211

In left photo, you can see the RV’s waaay down there..As you can see, this is a  huge oyster beach and there are oyster shells everywhere.  Right pic is a guy going out after some live bait.  Notice his waders are more like chest high boots and when they get way out there, all you can see is his arms and head…crazy, if you ask me..I know..nobody did.

In the wonderful world of blogging, we meet many really nice people.  Early last year, I happened upon a fellow RV blogger, Ingrid.  Her blog really got my attention when I found her hubby, Al, was originally from Somonauk, IL, a little town about 2 miles West of Sandwich…and I had known him in high school.  Turns out that Ingrid had grown up in Chicago and so we were all from the Midwest… Illinois to be specific. ( A great place to be FROM!!).

Al and Ingrid were new full-timers.  They had been living in Colorado, where Al was a retired Midway Airlines Captain and Ingrid was a General Contractor who built new homes.(They met when she was a flight attendant for Midway Airlines.)   As we became good blog buddies, we realized we were both going to be at Goose Island State Park for 2 days…Ingrid and Al  were staying at Hidden Oaks RV Park, just down the road from the state park. The day after we landed here, I was out front having coffee and lo and behold here came Ingrid on her bike.  She came in and we had ourselves a great chat…


I do believe that Ingrid and I could be related in some former life…All we did was laugh and tell stories.  After a great visit, we agreed we would all meet for cocktails at “Moondogs” in Fulton Beach that evening. Moondog’s was having Happy Hour and the Margaritas were $2.50…I’M IN!

Get a couple of crazy women together and a couple of tolerant men and you could be in for some great fun…

2014-01-30 16.09.39 101_5201

…and this is exactly why I need to carry a bail bondman’s card. Maybe I should send one to Ingrid..??

Ingrid also clued us into where she found Whooping Cranes feeding here just outside the park.  She rides her bike all over and spotted them in a field with some cows…No, really?  So yesterday, MacGyver and I took a ride in that direction. We followed Ingrid’s directions and found the field with the cows…and waaay into the back of the field were some huge Cranes..I was so darn sure they were Whoopers that I took a gazillion pictures on the zoom lens…

101_5207 101_5208

I was sure these guys were Whoopers..but they sure didn’t look like the ones in my bird book.  I think these are Sand Hill Cranes.  Right, Judy?? I must return again and continue my quest to see the great Whooping Cranes..Neat as these Cranes are, they are NOT them…crap.

Yesterday was Date Night and we also wanted to score some fresh Grouper, so we rode into Fulton Beach to hang out. At a place called P.J.’s Seafood we found a plethora of shellfish and salt water swimmers.  I did find the Grouper and we picked up 3 huge filets for $12.  I asked how they froze and the lady said that Grouper is a firm fish and will freeze just that’s where the “Group” is right now, in our freezer.  We also stopped at one of our old haunts Alice Faye's By the Bay and had a cocktail. We sat and discussed what kind of carry-outs would be for supper and decided on Pop's Tavern and Cafe for fried oysters…


If you look close, you can spot “moi” taking the picture in the mirror..Also, that big wooden chest on the left side of the first pic is where they keep the beer. you see those tall styrofoam cups stacked up under the ice tea machine and coffee pot????? That’s your Pop’s wine glass..Yep…a 16 oz. glass of wine for $5.75…and one is all you’ll need.  This place has killer good fried oysters with curly fries and we got 2 orders to carry-out…


I take them immediately out of the styro foam and pile them on my pizza pan, where they will be warmed up at 300 degrees for 15 minutes…They did NOT disappoint!!

OK, we were braggin’ about the nice weather and the wind just came up out of the North and our windows are now shut, the temp has dropped ….and it is raining…SAY WHAAAAT???

“It's so funny; I grew up in the Midwest, I have two older brothers, and you're just as competitive playing football as you are eating pickled eggs, or trying to kill zombies. As long as you don't take it too far, I think it's a good way for people to relate.”

                                                   Jose Pablo Cantillo


  1. Looks to be another fun location for you. How do you find all those unique dining locations.? Rain and thunder here this afternoon, but it beats the snow and ice. Looking forward to more information on the area, both adventure and dining......

    1. Jerry, we have been here many the Fulton-Rockport area...Great fresh fish and love watching the oyster boats!

  2. Oh those oysters look wonderful! Looks like you're having a great time... even doing some birding ;-)

    1. They have an Oysterfest here in late Feb, early March...Now THAT IS SOME FUN..We have been here once while it was going on!! The water birding here is fanatastic!!

  3. Sandhills for sure...sorry. Keep looking for white! I'd probably only try those oysters if a friend forced me to. Can you come a little closer to Anahuac? ;)

    1. We are leaving here Feb.12th for Goliad...Then we have reservations at Canyon Lake for 2 weeks, then Ft Worth to visit the guy who was Best Man at our wedding..Den made reservations for the whole trip..and..we have some unexpected issues back home...not we might have to change it up at any given time..We sooo want to meet you..If you are ever in the Chicago area again, come out to Sandwich or we will meet you in between....

  4. Love your sight with the big live oak trees. Looks as though you had some good eatings there.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Oops! My IPad so has a mind of its own! Sorry! I will try again...
      I thoroughly enjoyed your post! I would love to have some oysters...raw, baked, or just doesn't matter!

      I love you park...reminds me a lot of Live Oak Landing in Freeport, FL with all the live oak trees!

    2. We love it here too...Hope to see the another 8 days here...If you love oysters, this is the place to be!!!

  6. Couple of good looking babes in your post! Hope all is well back in IL and you can take your time returning. Talked to my dad today and the winter weather there is for the books...record breaking temps and snow - yikes! Love Canyon Lake but missing those whoopers :-)

    1. Yes, we are some "hot mamas", Ingrid...The birding isn't so great at Canyon Lake, but do the River Rd if you get a chance...well worth it.

  7. I am a "Lurker" here on your blog but I have enjoyed it for quite some time. Just had to comment after your last few blogs. My husband and I have acted as campground host at Padre Island Seashore in the spring for the last 4 years. We can't come this year and your blog has reminded me of all the stuff I love about that area that I will miss. Don't forget to visit "The Big Tree" while you are at Goose Island. We have seen some Whoopers in that area in the past.

  8. Thanks "Leta" for the nice comment..Yes, we love this area and the big tree is a must see. Sad you cannot make it this year, but Dennis and I well understand the fact that life gets in the way of plans...Weather here is cold and windy today. I plan on riding my bike up to see if I can spot any Whoopers,...but today will NOT be the day;-)

  9. I had to find your blog after I read on another that you would downsize to a truckcamper if it meant you could stay on the road. Me too! I cant imagine life off the road. I know the time will come but I'm going to fight it every mile of the way!

    1. I guess that means that, for us, it isn't the's the trip, right?? I'm with ya all the way!!!