Cave Dwellings: We went “to town”…a beautiful day!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, January 26, 2014

We went “to town”…a beautiful day!

   Yesterday Dennis and I left the Hiker about 11:30AM and drove the 13 miles into the big little town of Port Aransas.  I keep forgetting that this is, after all, is a PORT!  You can see the ships waaay out on the Gulf that are coming into Corpus Christi via Port Aransas…We drove out onto the beach and walked out onto a jetty that runs along the spot where the ships enter…


101_5172 101_5173 101_5174

Yep, there’s a LOT of money in this port, and I pointed out the boat I want to Dennis…He is pointing it out too..pointing out why I CAN’T have it!!

On the way into Port Aransas, I made MacGyver cruise around some of the housing and condo developments on Rt. 361.  Mustang Island is a very narrow island strip, and the East coast is on the Gulf, the West coast is on the bay…Naturally, I have champagne taste and a beer pocket book, so I prefer the Gulf side to dream of building my house…

101_5144 101_5147 101_5145


I really liked this one, but I would need an elevator to haul my arse up and down…Now, there’s the problem with these homes..You have to live up on stilts to keep the bottom level for your garage.  I imagine the hurricane surge would fill that level with water instantly….and…only old people can afford these homes..”therein lies the rub” so to speak.


I’m not sure I could live in a “gated” community, either…The two words, “Donna” and “gated” don’t mesh..I want NO fences around me…EVER!!

OK….it was now about 2PM and we were on a mission to find a “watering hole”..something local and down to earth…nothing fancy, just good folks and cheap booze. (Priorities, right?)  We parked the GMC and wandered around an area called Fisherman’s of the older historic parts of Port Aransas, with some original buildings and businesses…We happened upon a little pub that looked  promising…

101_5178I give you “Shorty’s”, the oldest and friendliest bar in Port Aransas….This looks like the perfect spot for some thirsty Yankees like us, yep, let’s go in…But, you go first this time, Dennis.  The last time we were in a classic old bar was in Mathis at Vick’s.. I went in first with my camera hanging around my neck, establishing the face we were “out of towners”.. NOT the way to make an entry.

101_5181 101_5180  101_5182

I have never seen so many hats hanging from the ceiling..more than even MacGyver has!..and the painted picture of the “Mustangs” behind the billiard tables has been there since the beginning..1946.  Yes, this was exactly the kind of place we were looking for!  We had a bottle of beer and a “healthy” Rum and Coke for $4.50…I’M IN!  We also  had a great Irish bartender named Mike, who was as friendly as could be…himself being a transplant coming from the West side of Ireland…

101_5186 101_5184


MacGyver…in his element. Surrounded by caps, drinking a beer..He was in his own Man Cave.

Needless to say, we had a great time in Port Aransas.  I really wish we had booked more time than just one week at the park.  I have more shells, starfish and sand dollars to pick up..and more sunsets to snap..

101_5143 101_5189

The weather is suppose to get cold and crappy again Monday night and Tuesday..the words “sleet” and “freezing rain” are being bantered around yet again…And we are leaving Wednesday to ferry across the bay and up to Goose Island State Park for 2 weeks…But, I did learn one thing about this place…



  1. This weather is totally for the birds! Hope you stay warm and continue to enjoy yourselves.

  2. Tuesday doesn't exactly sound delightful to me, but at least this time I have a full propane tank.

  3. With all the cool weather down around that-a-way I wonder if all those hanging hats are fur lined.

  4. One good hurricane and those nice homes in that gated community will be firewood. I guess some folks do have money to burn.

    Glad you found a friendly pub down there!

  5. Goose Island is about fifteen minutes from the Rockport Harbor with several nice things to see and do. Be prepared for some mosquitos in the Goose Island wooded campsites. Your nearest grocery stores are Wal-Mart and HEB in Rockport. The best Tex-Mex is at the corner of Enterprise and Business 35 in Rockport. A popular bar is The Poor Mans Country Club in Rockport on Business 35 near the Harbor.

  6. You two aren't missing a thing in Illinois but even more bone-chilling weather! Schools are all closed again today...too cold for the kiddos to stand waiting for a bus. That bar looks like a cool place to sit a spell. What is the story behind the hats?

  7. An interesting post that I enjoyed reading.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  8. Seeing your pictures sure make us home sick for the Texas coast. One more winter here and then we'll be back to the coast for our winters!