Cave Dwellings: A new spot for us..Lake Corpus Christi State Park
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, January 16, 2014

A new spot for us..Lake Corpus Christi State Park

A day or two before we left Falcon Lake, Den began having trouble with his ice maker…again.  This is cause for me to drag my 2 ice cube trays from under the bed and get them into action IMMEDIATELY!  After leaving the filled trays in the freezer for 12  hours, I only had half frozen ice cubes….Me thinks my freezer needed defrosting…Dr. Defroster to the rescue..(Hey,if his darn ice maker is shot, we just gotta have ice for my cocktails!)

2014-01-13 12.08.40  2014-01-13 12.09.09

THIS is the only reason I bring a blow dryer…my hair never sees it, but the freezer sure does…Dr. Defroster is great, he finished with the freezer and even got my metal blades over the drip pan “blow dryed”..I am well trained in blow drying, as an old ancient hairdresser, but I don’t do freezers. (Sure hope he doesn’t charge extra for drying these blades!)

We arrived here at Lake Corpus Christi State Park about 1PM on Wednesday.  Our drive was uneventful, unless you count the fact that the Border Patrol asked if they could go in the fiver and take a look. THAT has never happened before!..and hey, I didn’t say anything but “yes, sir”..I PROMISE! Den unlocked the door and he stepped in, looked around (you can’t see much with all slides in), climbed out and sent us down the road…Why, oh why then, did my  upper lip bead up with sweat and I got palpitations..??

101_5054 101_5055 101_5051

We have a lovely spot here, but they aren’t real big. They are all pull through, but a lot have trees on each side so it could be prohibitive for opening slides…Our weather has been lovely, and I had my coffee outside this morning,

101_5058 101_5064 101_5060

I had some company sharing my view….A friendly little group, or so I thought…


…One “friendly” little critter got greedy..He managed to bite the cord holding the feeder in two and dropped the feeder to the ground…Squirrels ARE my nemesis!

101_5059 101_5061

You will notice only 1 chair..MacGyver was inside doing some financial stuff on the computer…So, I took my own photo….one of my foot to prove I was actually there.  It’s very hard doing “selfies” when you do not have long arms… I took my coffee and walked across the road where I discovered a very nice fishing pier with nobody on it…

101_5072 101_5073

What a gorgeous day it was, and you know I just had to walk out on that pier and have my coffee…

101_5074 101_5078

More pictures of my, REALLY???? and that is as far as my arm will stretch…I also HATE to face any camera at this close proximity…and yes, I was LITERALLY “sittin’ on the dock o’ the bay”..on my butt. I didn’t bring my chair.

This park does have a beautiful old pavilion here, and Den and I rode our bikes to it this afternoon…Here are some photos..

101_5090 101_5081 101_5082

A little history lesson..”It is here that architect Olin Boese, a National Park Service–funded architect working for the State Parks Board, designed one of the architectural gems of the state park system. Sited above a rocky peninsula and made of cast caliche block laid in random ashlar pattern, the open-air building includes a large terrace, pavilion, and stage. The building’s graceful arches and lookout tower provide a grand view of the lake and a cast-stone staircase leads from the refectory’s grounds down to trails along the lake.” This was built in 1933-34..and no, I have never heard of the word “refectory” either…but…I looked it up…Per Wikipedia..”A refectory (also frater, frater house, fratery) is a dining room, especially in monasteries, boarding schools, and academic institutions. One of the places the term is most often used today is in graduate seminaries. It is derived from the Latin reficere "to remake or restore", via Late Latin refectorium, which means "a place one goes to be restored". All I know is, the way my body is giving out, I need to find my own refectory !!

101_5084  101_5085 101_5087

What a great view you have from the top…(yep, that’s me in the middle pic..I made MacGyver take it, I’m tired of taking my own pictures)..Hmmmm..should I do something mean to him?


No, he isn’t in jail…those are the open windows behind the stage in the first of the 3 photos above him..However…he does look good in there…

OK, enough already…This blog is much longer than anticipated…Suffice to say, we are in camping Heaven right now…and life is just great!!! More adventures to come, I’m sure..BRING ‘EM ON!


  1. It is nice to see the lake nearly full for the first time in years. I enjoy bike riding in that park every chance I get.

  2. Looks like a peaceful, relaxing spot !!!! Hope the ice situation improves !!!! Always enjoy your blog and your photos ..... Thanks for sharing !!!!


  4. You guys have done it again!!!! What a beautiful site and so peaceful!!! Dr. DeFroster looks like he's doing a great job!!! I always hated to defrost that refrigerator!! Glad you are back in business with the ice!!
    Your tale of the border patrol is too funny!!! I think I would have been pretty nervous too!! :-)
    You guys enjoy your new site...its a nice one!!!

  5. Nice looking park in beautiful surroundings.

    I'll have to remember that hairdryer trick the next time I need to defrost a refrigerator. Pretty clever. Hope those metal blades don't curl though!

  6. We have forgot what trees and grass look like here in the desert. Nice to see some.

  7. That looks sooooo good...snow, snow, and more snow here. I'd love to climb right into that photo and pull up a chair next to you, I'd bring my tripod to take pics of us!

  8. Once you return to IL you'll need to tell us which Texas SP was your favorite and why. Looks like a pretty place and the weather isn't too bad either....enjoy :-)

  9. Looks like a nice place. We checked out Potters Creek last week on our way to Big Bend Country. I see what you like about that place. Think we will be going back to spend more time there. What's the deal with the foot pictures? We need some "outfit" pics.:-)