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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

One year ago today…

  Well, most of  you might remember that I did have my “turkey neck” removed last year, just in time for Thanksgiving…I was in mortal danger of being on someone’s platter that year…

Here are a few before pictures to remind you (and ME) of why I chose this elective surgery…


Left, 1-14-11………………………Right, me as my alter ego, Maxine..2-9-11

Taken 4-4-11 (I was demonstrating some of the hand signals I give Dennis when he backs the Hiker in..Winking smile)

And today marks one year since I had that surgery…I am soooooo glad I did it….The self esteem is certainly better!I don’t even ind all the wrinkles because.. THE NECK IS GONE!

101_36192013-06-22 13.45.56

Left, taken 2-18-13, this year.                                                Right , taken 6-24-13…Yep, feelin’ good.

2013-11-06 12.01.21

Taken last week ….what a difference….

And the last two are just to really show how BAD and  how much BETTER my neck looks…No danger of becoming “dinner” this Thanksgiving!

2012-11-20 10.16.22101_3846

Left pic was taken the day of surgery last year….                           Right, what an improvement…I could have had a purse made from all that stuff hangin’ off my neck!

I’ve had so much plastic surgery, when I die I’m going to donate my body to Tupperware                                                                                

                                                                                                                                                                               ~Joan Rivers


  1. Donate your body to Tupperware, Ha-ha-ha-ha.I going to will mine to Miller Brewing(Makers of High Life.) and they can melt it down and put it in a can. Sam & Donna...

  2. You are beautiful. I think it took off about 15 yrs!!!

  3. Wow! that's all I can say. You look incredible.

  4. Well, I think you are a beautiful person in both the before and after!! With that can really see a difference and I know you are so glad you had that surgery done!! :-)

  5. If you are happy, we are happy! You are now like a swan. :)

    1. Thanks to you all for your support...I am no swan, but I'm not a Spoonbill Roseate either ;-)

  6. Only the neck? Looking good....sure ya didn't have a little tuck done as well? Glad it turned out so well :-)

  7. As Billy Crystal would say..............You look Maaaaavelous!

  8. Hey everybody like to remodel now and then...go for it if it feels good:)

  9. Amazing - what a difference. You look 20 years younger at least. Makes McGuyver look like a cradle robber.

  10. So glad I saw this post. I have the same thing but mine is this sack under my chin. You've encouraged me to look into the cost. Many thanks

    1. I researched this for a year...My surgery cost a total of $4800 for everything...all the office visits up to a year...I love my surgeon, Dr. Ghaderi!! Don't be afraid..I did NOT get a face lift though..just excess skin removed!!!