Cave Dwellings: An early Thanksgiving here at the Cave…NO turkey involved.
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, November 25, 2013

An early Thanksgiving here at the Cave…NO turkey involved.

  This last weekend was another in the long line of Cave-A-Paloozas..and it was a hum dinger!  We all decided early on that there would be no turkey.  Most of our family will be somewhere on Thanksgiving Day that DOES involved Mr. Gobbler..Our family opted for lots of appetizers all day long…Beginning with a salad…



…Hey!  At our house, a Bloody Mary is considered a salad!! They were complete with celery, marinated mushrooms, dill pickles and green olives..Very tasty, even though I realized too late that I had bought the olives with the pits still in!! Well, it made it much more interesting to navigate through it!


Only our daughter, Terrie, could manage to get the celery caught on her sunglasses…Disappointed smile

Uncle Kelly and Aunt Cindy told everyone they were bringing a surprise…That could be anything animal, mineral, edible,  motorized, playable, wild, tame or indifferent..Ninja The only  hint they gave was to bring very warm clothing…


WOOT!WOOT!. TODAY WE ARE ALL OFFICIALLY FROM THE SOUTH…Y’ALL GOTTA HAVE ONE OF THESE IN THEM THAR SOUTHERN STATES!! Actually, lots of people have them all over…Our daughter-in-law’s father lives in Oklahoma and he gave it to Kel and Cin…Kelly can use it to haul the deer out of the woods that he hunts in… But, today, we were all going for RIDES!


Of course, it had to be the coldest day of the year!! Uncle Kelly let Peyton and Taylor drive it (with  him on the back instructing)…The little kids loved it too, but MAN it was soooo cold!!

My brother, Michael and his wife Helen came from Marseilles, IL to spend the day with us…Kelly and Michael hunt deer and wild turkey together, and have been since Kelly was old enough to learn to shoot.  My brother was very adamant about him learning gun safety at a young age…  They hunt with shotgun and bow and arrow, when hunting season arrives.  Kelly got himself a nice buck last week. I won’t post the photo.  I do understand that some people have a problem with hunting and I respect that…But I have to say that Kelly and Michael EAT what they hunt.


My brother, Michael and his wife, Helen..I DARE you to say that our family doesn’t have a sense of humor…They all LOVE to photo bomb!!


Me and my baby “bro”…After we saw this pic we both thought we looked like “Don and Cora”,( our mom and dad)…And yes, I did have one of my many ensembles on by early evening…Hey, my family had come to expect this from me!!


Our son, Kelly, and nephew Aiden…Our middle daughter, Terrie, and nephew Maddox…Our youngest daughter, Chris and hubby John.

Later in the evening, Kelly cooked us up some awesome Hooter’s recipe Buffalo Chicken Wings….and also some fresh Crappie…all battered then deep fried in our turkey fryer outside..



I’m pretty sure the neighbors thought we had all lost our minds, and they probably weren’t too far from the truth…This was one of the COLDEST Cave-A-Paloozas yet!

2013-11-25 09.35.002013-11-25 09.35.24

The kids surprised us with a plaque to hang outside when we take the Hiker on trips..Terrie made it, and it is on a slice of  wood with hangers that is hung on a small flag hanger…One side has our “story”, and the other side has that very perfect saying for any RV’er… (I am waiting patiently impatiently for the results of my 13 biopsies so we will know WHEN MacGyver and I get to “hit the road”).

Yep, “the best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been and the memories we’ve made along the way”…NO TRUER WORDS!!!!  Thanks for stopping by …I know, I know..this has to be one of my longest blogs to date…I AM stopping now..It’s cocktail hour and I have a Rum and Coke with my name written aaaaaaaalllllllllll over it!Martini glass


  1. Yep, you have an awesome family!! Love the plaque your kids presented you two!! It will look very nice hanging outside your 5er!! All in all I would say everyone had a terrific time at your Cave-a-Palooza!!

    1. Our family always seems to find fun, no matter what@

  2. Only one of your kids could get a bloody mary garnish tied up with their sunglasses! Yep! Truly a great family and I know all of us out in Blogville love seeing the photos and hearing the stories.

    1. Thanks...There is nothing like family to make ya smile!

  3. Looks like a great celebration, but I'm a little disappointed that you haven't shown many of your ensembles since you ditched the light houses! :)

  4. How in the heck do you guys all get up the next day?

    Looked to be another great cave-a-palooka.

  5. Bloody Mary's, four wheelers, and fried crappie. You're coming around, as that's a typical day in the South.:-) Appears everyone had a great time together. Love the plaque. Things like that mean so much more when they come from the kids.

  6. Looks and sounds like a grewat family time. Hey, with Bloody Marys, four wheeler and fish...what more could you want!

  7. Being an only child growing up in a house with 4 adults I missed all that kind of Palooza fun. Looks like a great time you all had. And I hear you had some super good medical news & on top of that will be heading out soon in the 5'ver. Great get out there on the road and BOOOOOOGYi:))