Cave Dwellings: South Florida …Guaranteed WARMTH!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, January 6, 2013

South Florida …Guaranteed WARMTH!

  Yeah, I know..It sucks to be in Illinois right now…We  heard it snowed yesterday…sorry about that…McGyver and I are currently basking in the 86 percent humidity, and 84 degree temps in LaBelle, Florida…Our site is gorgeous, grassy, cement pad and stones…No more tracking sand and gravel in and out of the Hiker…well, at least not HERE!…Last night Dennis didn’t have a campfire, it was just too warm…..Is that boo hooing I hear from the Peanut Gallery???? Are you making FUN of us??? Well, I don’t know that, but I DO know this…We are some very “happy campers” just now…

I did have a minor set back when we road our bikes up to ask if we could wash our vehicles here….NADA…NOPE…and then the lady said we could only wash the front to get the bugs off…OK, I’ll take it…I asked if I could spray the rest with 409 and wipe it off….another NADA, NOPE…Seems they don’t want any chemicals getting into the water table…OK…I’ll buy that reason…But this must mean it’s allowed to wash my truck and RVwindows with vinegar and water, right??? If I get arrested by the park narco unit, I guess that means NADA, NOPE…..You gotta know I will push that vinegar envelope though…

2013-01-05 11.24.05



On the way down here, I saw this truck full of oranges,and told McGyver to just “follow that truck”..he HAD  to be heading South…Imagine my surprise when we went to Wally this AM and most of the oranges were from California…SAY WHAT?? I nosed around until I found Florida navel oranges and scored…


Also, on the way down Rt 27, there was a sign along the highway with a bear on it and saying “crossing” underneath…Thinking maybe we made a wrong turn and were actually in Ontario, I gave Dennis the puzzled look…Confused smile.."Exactly where are we, Den?”…Apparently, we were in an area where black bear are known to frequent…This was not what I would call a “remote” area…Maybe the bear were frequenting the local “Burger King” cause this was a pretty busy stretch of road…sure got MY attention…Does this mean I gotta get out my “bear bells” that I had in Alaska??



2013-01-05 14.21.092013-01-06 08.40.152013-01-06 08.53.34

2013-01-06 07.59.00

This is what I saw when I stuck my head out the door this AM…I think it’s foggy almost every morning down here.

Den and I did our walk this morning after a hearty breakfast of egg and sausage scramble with toast…Here are some pics I took of our campground…

2013-01-05 15.07.342013-01-05 15.12.422013-01-05 15.12.49

The Hipochee River runs along here, and there is a lock where the boats lock through ….That pier on the right photo is a very popular fishing spot, and many peeps have kayaks or boats…I still don’t understand a kayak..Looks like a great place for me to end up upside down under water….I have NO sense of balance….Give me a pontoon boat any old time!

While we were walking, we noticed a couple water birds feeding on fish in the inlet…

2013-01-05 15.13.242013-01-06 08.52.11

2013-01-06 08.50.582013-01-06 08.51.08

First 2, then 3, then 4….is that enough for a “flock”? I’m sayin’ one was an Egret…What the others are…ya gotta ask our "birdlady of blogland", Judy…Speaking of which, we wish her all the best for a fabulous outcome on her hip surgery…Hip surgery for a very “hip” lady, right?? LOVE YA, KIDDO!! Behave and do everything those sawbones say..just as I would…Winking smile!!  And while I am on the topic of me behaving, I am enjoying the Florida sunshine, but obeying Dr. Ghaderi’s orders to slather SPF30 sunscreen on my scar….and my face…WARNING..THE FOLLOWING PHOTO IS WAS TAKEN BY MOI, AND IS PRETTY CLOSE…NECK LOOKS GOOD , BUT WRINKLES LOOK LIKE SINK HOLES!!…


2013-01-06 13.36.27

Lookin’ a little like an aging Pebbles Flintstone, what with the original hairdo….Hey, I warned  you….and…. I’M ON VACATION!!!

I also need to welcome a couple new riders…Y’all get onboard Pam and Vic, and don’t fall over the cases of Busch Lite in the back seat…Also welcome to Encourage One Another…no names on that one, but I agree with the concept…

The weather here is glorious, our site is “killer great”, and we are finally just about healed up from the Illinois Crud…(McGyver more than I….must be the Busch Lite!)..Hope you all enjoyed the ride down…Now, whoever stole the rest of my Vick Kleenex from the GMC, please give it back…I am now addicted to that Kleenex,… and Nyquil…I guess I’m slowly going to have to wean myself from those things, and replace them with more doses of Rum and Diet Dr. Thunder…and an occasional glass of wineNyah-Nyah!!  I find those medicinal items much more appealing!!!…THANKS FOR READING…MORE LATER!


  1. Sweet location, you look just fabulous. Enjoy the weather sure wish we were there.

    Stay Safe

  2. yeahh you've arrived...give us a call we are right next door 207-852-6437...

    1. We are here until the 19th...You know the area better...You call it, we will be there...or here...

  3. Yep, snowy egret, great egret, and wood storks!!! Good score on the storks!

  4. enjoy the warm sunshine!! have fun working on the tan!

  5. Thanks for welcoming us aboard, Donna. Not sure about the Busch Lite. We are from Oregon, home of craft beer--but we do like the Captain. Enjoy the Florida sunshine!

  6. You certainly picked a great looking campground and a beautiful site too.

    What's with all those oranges going from here in California to Florida? I thought Florida was the orange king?

    Looking at the photo you took of yourself, why didn't you tell us that you and Dennis were staying at a nudist RV Park?

  7. Pretty nice feeling to be out of all that Northern crud eh. We Snow Birders sure are a lucky bunch alright. I would like the foggy mornings but not so much that high humidity for very long. For sure I would like the warmer nights though.

  8. butterbean carpenterJanuary 7, 2013 at 1:53 PM

    Howdy D&D,
    ALMOST OVER THE CRUD, HOORAY!! The turkey neck is GONE!! You're looking GOOD and so is Dennis; well, Dennis always looks great!! He just doesn't have the ensembles that you do!!! That doesn't look like the typical Cave CG, more like a 'RESORT' AND NO CAMPFIRE, manicured lawn, weed-edged concrete-pad, OH MY $65 a nite I'll bet!!! Next time y'all can come back down to earth and be comfortable at the RunningStar Ranch in Coleman county Texas; I'll clear a spot in the mesquite and let Dennis cut wood to his heart's content!!! We do have that nasty sand, tho, Donna!!!

  9. You are a lot warmer than here in the FL panhandle. At least you found aranges from inside the USA:)