Cave Dwellings: Good Friends From Illinois Visit Us
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, January 28, 2013

Good Friends From Illinois Visit Us

First of all, I would like to say “Hey!” to some new followers, Steve and Joan.  They are full-timers, currently work camping at Lake Meade Recreational Area until March…sounds like heaven to me.  They also love to ride motorcycles…Also want to get Rick Ledtje in the truck with us..Rick doesn’t seem to have a blog, but I see his logo is a huge “exclamation point”..This bodes well for you, Rick…Den’s and my life is one big continuous exclamation point!!! 

Well, we had some visitors from home…One of my 3 Ya Ya sisters from Sandwich and her hubby David,  visited McGyver and I at our site here in Lake Griffin State Park…David and Susan Ikonen have been good, GOOD friends of ours since 1970, when our first kids were born..They went to Florida with us many times. Yep, we took all of the kids, loaded the coolers and sunscreen, left at 4AM and headed South. Once we even took Den’s mother along, Grama Kate..If the Ikonens can survive that, they could survive ANYTING!!  But, that’s another whole storySurprised smile

The Ikonens , Den and I, have also  gone to Florida with one of my other YaYa sisters and her hubby, Mary and Jim Curran…We tried to follow each other…sometimes it wasn’t possible so we always had CB’s installed in our cars so we could talk to each other and listen to the truckers (who knew where the cops were hiding).  The 3 men had “handles” (CB names)..David was “handlebars”, Dennis was “froglegs” and Jim Curran was “Big Bird”…OK, …I know, but…WE WERE ON VACATION!!!! DIFFERENT RULES APPLY!

We started going to Walt Disney World the 2nd year they opened it, and I was pregnant with Kelly, who is now 42(now there’s another trip you wouldn’t believe)…Our families have been friends forever, and the state of Florida holds many fond memories for us all…I actually happen to have a few old photos, if you can just bear with me while I wax nostalgic…


Den and David enjoying a beer on our balcony….That’s also them in the catamaran, thinking they could sail..vintage…Island with a palm tree


Holy schlamoly, but we were so damn YOUNG!!!….Where does the time go?? Some things drinks never changeMug


Left, dinner at Aunt Catfish’s South Daytona Beach. Kelly was absent that trip, he was in the Navy.…Photo on right..well, I think David needed to get OUT OF THAT SUN!!!


As you can see, David and Dennis were usually relaxing, having a cocktail…while Susan and I were pulling our hair out chasing kids around…We did that trip at least …well…a LOT of times…We always went in July.  Yes, I know, but it was because David and Dennis worked for Caterpillar Tractor and we had to go the 2 weeks that the factory shut down…in July…That never bothered us..We were FLORIDAHOLICS!! ..

So….fast forward to last weekend..For the past few years, David and Susan have rented a condo in Ft. Myers for the month of February.  They called us when they crossed the Florida State line…McGyver gave them our location and they rolled in about 2:30PM on their way to Mt. Dora, FL…


2013-01-26 15.56.572013-01-26 15.57.24

We had a great visit and took a walk around the park to show them the big tree …Looking closely, you will notice that Susan and I had our our beverages with us on the walk..I guess we weren’t illegal, cause the Park Gestapo never said a word to us…This is a first for me..Usually I am strictly disciplined, verbally spanked and royally embarrassed Sarcastic smile!

It was so nice to see friends from home and especially those with whom our Florida memories lock arms so tightly…Thanks, David and Susan, for visiting the wandering Caves ..After all, Florida is where is all started..many moons ago…And..speaking of moons….


..We had a fabulous full moon Saturday night …Life is good and McGyver and I are very blessed…

“The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four people is suffering from a mental illness. Look at your 3 best friends. If they're ok, then it's you .”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ~Rita Mae Brown


  1. Life is good! What nice memories you have made and are still making! The full moon is pretty! That was one big tree!
    Until next time....enjoy yourselves.

  2. Did you guys make it to the Villages? I know it's full of "old" people but they do like to party. (As long as they get home by 9). Go to the square and you can get all kinds of beverages fairly cheap. Great place to people watch!

  3. nice to see old friends, near and dear!..what great memories you have of vacations, long ago!

  4. Great to see Denny's pose hasn't changed in all those years - his grip on the beer can is still strong and true - good man!!

    Hey - we had had that same full moon way over here in Palm Springs!

    Glad to see you guys are having fun in sunny Florida!