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Friday, January 11, 2013


  Just a short blog with one collage and a couple of photos…Our life is so very simple, we are just kicked back and basking in the Florida sunshine…For a change, I haven’t gotten disciplined by the park Gestapo, spanked by the local law enforcement or even chewed out by a fellow RVer about my choice of evening wear…We also found a bonus we didn’t know about….McGyver and I rode our bikes up to the park host/gate attendant and I asked him where the closest coin laundry was to our park…He pointed outside the window to the shower house and said, “Right there in between the Men’s and Women’s Door….” DUH… We rode our bikes and saw a door propped open in the middle.  After further examination I spotted a  “picture” of a washing machine painted in some strange hieroglyphics on the front of the door…It wasn’t immediately recognizable as a washing machine…Must have been painted by some “ancient park attendants”..Anyway, I sped back to our camper and loaded up the basket…So, you see that it doesn’t take much to get me excited…a laundry will do it.



We  have had some pretty warm and windy days, so McGyver tied our awning down…We don’t usually do that, but this way we can leave it out all the time…unless a random Hurricane shows up on our doorstep….The last time we were in Florida was August of 2005….We were chased off the Florida Keys by Hurricane Katrina…Here are a couple pics of our drive through Florida, chased by the Cat. 1 soon to be Cat 5 Hurricane…

I took these photos the night we got the warnings that she was upgrades from tropical storm to Cat1…and we needed to leave at first light and get off the keys because they were going to close the bridge by noon the next day…

…driving North out of Homestead Florida….bad wind and rain squalls, but we made it all the way to the Georgia state line by sunset…whew!

  Well, my life is so wonderfully calm I do believe it is now at a snail’s pace…

2013-01-11 09.13.072013-01-11 09.12.462013-01-11 09.12.54

…isn’t he/she just about the cutest little thing?? I like the way he moves, takes life easy and rarely “sticks his neck out”…I could learn something from this guy… Before I leave this blog (it is, after all cocktail hour), I need to welcome a brave new follower, Kathie…I didn’t find a blog for Kathie, but she sure doesn’t need one to follow this circus wagon!! Welcome into the GMC, Kathie…(hope you like adult beveragesMartini glass…) If not, I have LOTS of Diet Dr. Thunder!! Rolling on the floor laughing

“I bought a racing snail once and he got slow so i took his shell off.. but that just made him sluggish”



  1. Your Diet Dr. Thunder is taking up space in the cooler..just saying;-)


  2. "Just kicked back and basking in the Florida sunshine" is a perfect way to spend January isn't it? Hope the nice, warm weather continues with no blasted hurricanes!

  3. So jealous of that FL warmth. Although sunny in AZ it's fricken cold....brrrr. I guess more adult beverages in order!

    1. I am very fond of Rum...or a great Brandy Manhattan...We are pretty glad we didn't go to Arizona this year, but it's a crap shoot...Sometimes you win,sometimes you lose.enjoy the cold by the campfire.

  4. butterbean carpenterJanuary 13, 2013 at 2:20 PM

    Howdy D&D,
    Dennis, who's the broad in the header pic??? Oh, wait a minute, that's the 'NEW' Donna!! WOO WOO!!!
    Hope all of your Florida days are this nice!!!

  5. Always a smile on my face after reading your blog...hope to meet you sometime! We are having great weather in Sarasota as well...guess it's a record warm January for Florida!