Cave Dwellings: Back To The "Coastal Bend"
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back To The "Coastal Bend"

We made it yesterday afternoon at our new home, Goose Island State Park, Fulton TX. It was a good trip...I love it when we go through Corpus and over the bay look down on the USS Lexington, which is docked on the bay and made into a museum since she was decommissioned.I should mention they call this area the Coastal Bend...if you look at Texas in an Atlas it is self explanatory
We managed to find a spot we could put this big rig in....Sometimes it is a real challenge and it ALWAYS is here in the Live Oak Trees at this park...Here are a couple photos to illustrate just how close we are to the trees...

This next one is a view from the roadway of our campsite...
I have to tell you about this next photo..We notice about 5 days ago that we had a spiderweb (yes, I know ...ANOTHER SPIDERWEB PHOTO???)..that was on the window over our dining table..on the outside, of course. When I hosed off the camper, it stuck like glue to the window, so I decided to see how long it could hang on. Well, it rode on the window all the way from Falcon Lake to Goose Island..and it was still here when we parked our rig. This morning I decided I HAD to wash our windows. They were really dirty from our drive..but before I could "Windex" away our web, I just had to take a picture...and, of course, I want to share it....right after I took this photo I demolished it with my paper towel...sad...I think the spider flew off somewhere around Alice, Texas..
Our weather here is beautiful, 75 degrees and sunny. We took our walk this morning and ran into some people we met a couple years ago..they were camped out on the bay. After a good reunion with them, we came back to our "house" and had our coffee outside....
That would be my "driver"...using the cooler as a table..
About noon, I decided to see if I could find a hole in the trees to sit in the sun and read...and that was a real challenge. I would find a tiny spot of sunshine and follow it around the camper as it moved every 20 minutes or so...Dennis never knew where to find me...which isn't all bad..While we were outside, a park ranger came by, stopped right in front of our camper and got out...I was trying to think of what possible violation he could stick us with when he walked up and said,"We have a a complaint about the noise coming from this campsite." Den and I looked at each other, both thinking that we hadn't even had our I-Tunes on yet..when he laughed and said, "Just kidding,..we have a new firepit for your site."...Very funny..Just wait until I DO play my I-Tunes..and crank up Aerosmith..JUST WAIT, MR. FUNNY RANGER RICK!!. At any rate here is the ranger and Dennis......notice Den and Ranger Rick watching as the young kid is busting his ass installing the firepit..
Well, it's shower time for me...and cocktail hour to follow...I will blog more from Goose Island later....

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