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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Land Of Oyster Beaches

We have been here a few days and the weather had been beautiful and warm.....until yesterday..We managed to get the same cold snap that plagued the midwest...except our cold snap was only 60 degrees, not 22 degrees. It did get down to 38 last night and this morning we actually used our fireplace for the first time in 8 weeks.
Our spot in the trees certainly helps protect us from the wind, though. It seems to be windy here everyday. I think it is due to being so close to the bay....and it is much more humid. I manage to eek out a little spot of sunshine every day to sit myself in. We took a ride around the park and they are really getting full. Here is a view looking down our "street", Warbler Way..
I think everyone who is here now will stay until Oysterfest, which is next Thursday, Friday, Sat. and Sunday. There are signs in the parking lot of the old WalMart (they built a new Super WalMart just down the street) as I was saying, there are signs in the old parking lot saying "parking for Oysterfest $2.00...Free shuttle to Oysterfest". We aren't sure just exactly how busy it may be but there are absolutely NO parking spots on the road to the bay, where the festival is held..It is all homes on one side of the street and ocean on the other. We shall see....
This beach all over here in Fulton/Rockport is made up of Oyster shells...probably not a good place to go barefoot.Even the Rec Hall here is made of crushed oyster shells and concrete..Here is a photo of it.
There are oyster boats everywhere. We have to cross the big bridge at Compano Bay , which is a very long one, just to get into town. Last night we had our first oyster dinner...carry outs from a place just at the end of our park road, called Pop's. We each had 15 deep fried oysters, served with curly fries ( a ton of fries) and hush puppies for $9.99 each. We stuffed ourselves full of the luscious little darlings...
The town of Fulton was founded by a the Fulton family, who built their home right on the bay in 1876...complete with indoor plumbing, gas lighting and central heat...Quite a big deal for the times. Here is a picture of it as it stands today..
They give tours of it daily..We have never been, but if we have time, we might.
Today was a big day of laundry...and dumping the tanks, Den's favorite job. I will probably not blog again until we hit the Oysterfest Saturday, but you never know..Later

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