Cave Dwellings: A Little Excitement
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, February 6, 2009

A Little Excitement

A couple days ago we had some excitement here at Falcon Lake..First of all, when Den and I took our morning walk we realized it was REALLY windy..and had never seen the lake with so many whitecaps..I happened to have my camera with me (really, it is permanently attached around my neck) so I took a picture.. I made the comment to Den that only a fool would be out on the lake fishing that morning..As the morning progressed the wind really became an issue. I mean, it was blowing really hard. Anyway, as we sat down to lunch we heard the unmistakable sound of a helicopter and could see it out our window. It was circling around over by the boat launch, then it would go out into the lake, then back to the boat launch. Of course, I seized the moment and took a photo from our camper with the zoom lens... So now our interest was peaked, helped along by the sound of sirens. I am an old "follow the fire engine" person..and Dennis is an old dalmation, so we jumped on our bikes and rode down to the boat launch.. At first we thought maybe some illegals were trying to cross the lake and their boat dumped..That did happen a few weeks ago and the border patrol saved them. But, as we soon found out, this was not the case..
There were several Border Patrol vehicles and a boat was pulled up by the launch..We stood around until a few more people showed up and someone found out what had happened..
Apparently one of the Border Patrol Zodiac boats was patroling on the lake,which they do regularly, and it capsized...dumping the 2 border patrol officers into the lake. One of them got pretty bloodied up when the boat dumped on them, hence the ambulance..The other was OK, just a little shaken up. Here is a photo of the kind of boat that dumped, but this isn't the exact one...
Now that we found out the "scoop", we pedaled back, against the wind I might add, and finished our lunch..We don't get too much in the way of excitement here, as you can see.
I know I said I would try not to publish many more bird photos, but I love this one.. For the last few mornings this pair of Orioles wake us up just as the sun rises by pecking at our back window..We can hear them from the bedroom and after we raise our back shade this is what greets us..Orioles travel in pairs and, as usual, the most brilliant one is the male.(By brilliant I certainly did not mean "smart".)
Also, allow me one more bird photo....This is my friend Mr. Roadrunner, who walks through our camping spot with regularity..This morning I was sitting outside with my coffee and he chose to join me...He gets really close, and when I talk to him, he cocks his head and listens..more than I get from Dennis..I look forward to his daily visits..Allow me one more, pleeeeeease... he is with his butt to the wind...or is he shooting me the "moon"?..I don't care I still love him!! As you can see, our life is GREAT!

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