Cave Dwellings: More Swampland Photos
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, December 6, 2008

More Swampland Photos

Today is about 58 degrees and Den and I took a walk around the lagoon about noon.

Here are some photos we took...
Now this is definitely NOT camping..This 5th wheel is 40' long,(ours is 30'), has 3 axles, and is pulled by an International Semi Trailer Tractor...also, notice the boat on top the truck..We talked to this guy this morning..they are full timers originally from Oregon..

We took a few more "bird" photos...You just cannot have enough pictures of Blue Herons

I have absolutely NO idea what the Hell these ugly-ass geese are..does anyone out there know? I so, email me...

I do know that this next picture is an "old bird"....

Well, enough of the swampland photos...We are going into town this afternoon to find a cocktail and maybe dinner to bring back to the camper...We shall see. Tomorrow is another exciting "laundry day"...always an adventure. We leave here Monday morning and drive about 350 miles to Canyon Lake, TX, just North of San Antonio...the route takes us through downtown Houston...pray for us..

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  1. Hey Dennie and Donna, just catching up on my reading and learning more about the rest of this good ole US of A - so far I have been having a very relaxing trip, but, I don't hit the laundromats as often as you do.
    Donna, you better keep this up or I won't have anything to read before my bedtime. Miss you guys, but glad you are enjoying your trip.
    Jim & Barb