Cave Dwellings: Christmas in the Hill Country
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas in the Hill Country

Well, yesterday was Xmas Eve and it was actually a nice sunny day, about 74 degrees. We took our walk in sweatshirts and put our winter coats away AGAIN!! The campground isn't nearly as busy as last year...I think you can see the economic crunch here too. Diesel prices have gone down again to $2.19...unbelievable...We sat outside a little while and visited with the Sele's, our Minnesota neighbors. They were going into San Antonio airport to pick up their two sons who were flying in to spend Xmas with them. One is coming from Minneapolis and one from LA...
About 2:30PM we decided to go into Sattler to the VFW for a Christmas Eve drink...we hadn't been there yet this year, and it's always a good time.
The place was packed with people and I did remember the bartender from last year. Now is when I really miss the No Smoking bars in could have cut the smoke with a knife..Anyway, I had a Cabernet wine and Den had a Bud Lite(sorry, John Wolff) in a frosted mug...the total, you ask?? ZERO, ZIP, ZILCH!! The first drink was "on the house", come to find out..They had a menu of bar food, too. Your choices were large pizza for $5.50, 2 White Castle burgers..chips for 50 cents a bag..ya just gotta love this place..The only day of the year they aren't open is Christmas Day! Now, we GOTTA have another drink cause it is rude to just drink the free one and leave..We ordered the same round and got yet another shock..the total for the wine and beer was...get ready....$2.75. The beer was $1.00 and the wine $1.75..I AM an expensive date! Sandwich needs a place like this ..they would be beating down the doors!! Den had one more beer and we left about 4:30PM for the pretty drive back to our RV. I'ts about 12 miles of beautiful hill country.
When we got back, Den went out and fed the deer while I changed into my "uniform"..the sun was starting to get low in the sky and I took his picture out our rear side window...Now this is relaxation!

I went outside and we sat outside, feeding the deer,the ducks, and watching the sunset..I am sure some of the other campers that were outside were wanting to call the "fashion police" on me, but I really don't give a hoot. This is what our campsite looks like with our festive lights on:

Well, life is good in the Texas Hill Country..Dennis is going to cook some NY strips on the grill tonite and last night it was marinated shrimp served with garlic linguine...Yes, we eat pretty well.
To all of you in snowy Illinois, I miss YOU, but not the snow and ice. We talked to all of the kids today and we are blessed. Everyone is well and happy.We also saw Aiden dressed as Santa this morning, thanks to Chris and John taking some video for us! We may skype them later...I leave you with this very scarey photo of 2 old codgers living their dream..


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