Cave Dwellings: Wind, Sun and Cub Scouts...Quite A Week!!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wind, Sun and Cub Scouts...Quite A Week!!

Well, we have been here one week today..Mostly our weather has been really nice. We have had some wind, which is normal when sitting right on a lakefront. Mostly it has been pretty sunny. I have been adding to my wrinkles every chance I my age ,(soon to be 60), no amount of Regenerist cream is gonna help...maybe leather cleaner. I LOVE the sun and I make no excuses!
Last weekend we were invaded by the Cub Scouts from Austin. There were about 18 tents in various spots around us, with little rugrats everywhere...eating hot dogs, poking sticks in fires, fishing, and, in general, being little boys and causing me to miss my own two grandsons.
I had to laugh ...At one point, in the shelter right next to our camper, a scoutmaster,(complete with khaki shorts and scout shirt with badges), was instructing the little darlings in "safe" pocket knife etiquette..They all had their knives in their hands,( a frightening scene reminiscent of the movie "Chucky"), and I was ready any minute to see some blood. They all had to repeat in unison "I will never under any circumstances THROW my pocket knife"..Oh God, I hope NOT!! "I will not RUN with my knife in my hand"..OK.."I will always make sure the blade is folded down when I pocket it"..DUH! After the class was over and they were dismissed by the scoutmaster they took off running in every direction, and I wondered how many needed first aid when they got to their respective tents.

We have had some pretty sunsets over here this weekend, when the time changes,we will probably actually be witnessing the SUNRISE because it will then do so at 8AM.
We have run into a few of the same people from time to time, and yet another couple we had run into last year and this year at Falcon Lake was here. Dennis socialized a bit with them while I was doing a rub on our ribs for dinner. They are from Wisconsin, but we forgive them. They travel with 2 dogs in a fifth wheel similar to ours...really nice people.
Dennis is dumping our tanks today. Instead of connecting to our truck and hauling the camper to the dump station, he is enlisting the help of what they call the "honey wagon", which sure DOESN'T haul honey!! This involves dumping our tanks into it, being careful not to overflow, and driving it behind the GMC to the dump station I have helped him, but the "being careful not to overflow" really bothers me...something I don't want to be witness to, so I opt to stay inside until he is done...I make pretend I am vacuuming..he doesn't suspect.

After Dennis did the dumping...did I just say that? was lunchtime and then sun time. I plopped my body in my chair and Dennis watched a little stockmarket on CNBC...I had been after him to check his bloodpressure lately..( he use to run very high,but not lately) and I saw him sitting at our table doing just as I had suggested. I really did not suggest he TAKE it while watching the stockmarket report...what the heck was he thinking?? As it turned out, to my surprise, it was 120 over 64..the man must be comatose.
I forgot to mention that we are parked next door to a gentleman and his wife that were here in January. They are from Minnesots and easy to remember because they travel in a little Casita and he makes wind spinners out of pop and beer cans..He hangs them all around their camper and picnic shelter..kind of reminds me of the craft show at the fairgrounds. Our friends, Wayne and Ronae, have one spinning around their picnic table at their campsite..I think he sells them, but I never asked.
This soon became an obsession with Dennis, who was determined to figure out how the guy made them..but without asking. That would be too easy. Imagine Dennis's chagrin when he saw them packing up and moving this morning! Not to be deterred, he took off on his bike this afternoon and went to find out how they were made by scoping out Wayne's. He was gone for about 1 hour and came back smiling, asking for scissors, tape and problem..we threw all of our pop/beer cans in the dumpster this AM with our garbage. Pretty soon I spotted Dennis headed toward the dumpster with a long wire we use to pull out our awning..OH NO...He ISN"T!!! Yep, Dennis is going dumpster diving for our garbage. Sure enough, he came back with our bag, dug out the beer cans and grinned like a true homeless person.
Very shortly, after borrowing my eye pencil (which I haven't used since we left home..make up doesn't happen for me when camping), he had made a template and was cutting beer cans with scissors. I think the scout class on knives may have been a good one for Den to sit in on. At any rate, as I speak, he is sitting in his little chair like a patient in a mental institution, busily working on his beer can wind spinner..And here is a portion of it
..Hey...maybe I should book him a booth at the craft could help pay for diesel fuel!!
Well, time for a shower and a cocktail. Tomorrow is suppose to turn rainy and cold, so I have planned a crockpot sausage stew and a movie by the fire...Even rainy days can't ruin our good time camping...Oh, did I say camping?..This is RVing..soooo much different...More later.

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