Cave Dwellings: Easter With Old Friends
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter With Old Friends

Well, I hope everyone had a great Easter...We had a visit from some old friends who live in Dallas, Bob and Donna Kendrick...(and their dog, Sadie). Bob was the Best Man at our wedding almost 39 years ago and a best friend of Dennis in his "wilder" years...before he met me! They worked together at Caterpillar for a while until Bob moved to Dallas to work for Bell Helicopter, which he and his wife just retired from.

Dennis and Bob use to trade their cars,(Bob had a 67'Camaro and Den had a 67'Chevelle). Of course they were all decked out with hot mufflers, etc. They use to trade cars and drag race each other...(and you thought Dennis was a mild mannered quiet guy!!).

At any rate, they arrived Easter Sunday from Dallas to see us about noon. They came bringing supper..crockpot Sante Fe Stew and cornbread!! We sat outside around our fire and had some beer and Margaritas. I had made some pizza dip, and cut up some cheese and sausage. It was about 62 degrees and sunny..perfect. We had a great visit and it sure was nice of them to travel the 3 hours to visit "lil 'ol us".
Bob and Donna left about 6:30PM and went to spend the night at a La Quinta just up the interstate. They headed home this morning...a "flying trip"!!!! We hope to see them again next winter.
When Den and I got up this morning the lake had risen quite a bit..It is now precariously close to our satellite dish...see the photo!! We are keeping an eye on it!!

Today we got some groceries and did our laundry...about as exciting as it gets for us old farts...but we love this life and it sure keeps our BP down!! Later!!

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