Cave Dwellings: STORMY DAY IN TEXAS!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Well, we drove from Georgetown to Texarkana yesterday ,about a 6 hour drive..The night before we left we had some pretty bad storms in Georgetown, but not as bad as North of us. We did get a lot of wind and tons of rain. On the drive yesterday there were some big Interstate signs blown over near Dallas on I-35 and a lot of roads flooded and closed..but the interstate was open. Now today I hear of more flooding up in Southeastern Arkansas and also Missouri..
We pulled in here yesterday and this lake, Wright Patman, is as high as we have seen it...I took some photos by our camper.

We arrived yesterday about 2PM and it is a good thing we have reservations...this place is PACKED! There are very few "Winter Texans" here...mostly it is locals and their kids, dogs, grills, smokers, shelters, campers, boats, etc., etc... Easter is a big deal down here for families who have a camper (and most here do!)

The ducks are confused. They are paddling around the trees and walking up into the grass by our camper feeding. Dennis says they are called "Coots"..the old saying "takes one to know one" comes to mind....I ,also being one, should also have known their name..
We got an email from Bob and Donna Kendrick. They are coming from Dallas to see us on Easter Sunday, so I hope the weather cooperates. One good thing, if it rains, we have a great RV to entertain in....just use the remote and we have a fire in the fireplace.
Den is outside doing Sudoku..I DO NOT do that stuff! Den says it is a game of logic which explains why I hate it.I pride myself on being ANYTHING but logical!! I will blog more when something exciting happens...or maybe I will just ramble on and on about nothing, which is basically what I usually do!!!

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