Cave Dwellings: Winding Down
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, March 23, 2015

Winding Down

OK, this is our last full week of our Winter trip…We will be getting home next Monday afternoon..Not sure I’m too excited..Sandwich just got 3” of snow today..SAAAAY WHAAAAT??? Oh well, it has rained here this past week, but it’s still better than snow..

This place is full of Civil War History..MacGyver and I visited the site of a Confederate Fort this past week..

101_6878 101_6876

101_6880 101_6874

This is where one of 8 Confederate forts was built to protect the railways in and around Grenada, MS. That picture on the above right is the Grenada-Graysport Rd, or what’s left of it. It was on this road 1700 Confederate Soldiers marched with General Earl Van Dorn into Holly Springs to destroy General Grant’s supply depot, forcing Grant to abandon his plan to attack Grenada… You can see by the other photos that the site of the fort sits up very high for a good view of the surrounding woods…

Dennis and I also visited the Confederate Cemetery here in Grenada…

101_6886  101_6889

101_6888 101_6890

.180 graves marked “Unknown Confederate Soldier” were found under the tall grasses, vines, and bushes just behind the Odd Fellows Cemetery. In 1985 it was recognized in the Mississippi Department of Archives and History as a place of historical significance.  The rain had finally subsided  enough for us to explore this old cemetery.  It was right behind the Odd Fellow’s Cemetery, which was also very old and very interesting…(OK, I spent my teen years living in a cemetery, so I have a vested interest in these places!)

101_6892 101_6897 101_6891


I feel so bad that many stones are broken or in ill repair..I’m thinking many of the family have passed, and no one is around that cares to fix them…

Not ones to waste a day where the rain has finally stopped, we continued our drive into the “historical” part of Grenada, MS…There were some very cool older homes that were on National Register of Historical Places…

The Jones House 1860 Grenada, MS The Jones House, 1860

Some of the features of the Jones House include the original carriage house, a veranda and a mysterious chande­lier from New Orleans with one bulb that chooses not to work...hmmmmm.

Morrison Heights 1845 Grenada, MS The Thomas House 1900, Grenada MS

Left is Morrison Heights, built 1845………………and right is the Thomas House, 1900

Heath House 1907 Grenada MS John Lake House 1880 Grenada, MS

Left, we have the Heath House, 1907………………….and right is the John Lake House, 1880..

Dubard House 1860 Grenada, MS This is the Dubard House, 1860…just look at the steps and that wall around it..Many of these homes were set up on a small hill with steps leading from the street/sidewalk…

101_6920 101_6921 101_6924

An old courthouse used to be in the town square, but they tore it down and replaced it with a park…and a statue dedicated to the Confederate Soldiers of Grenada County, MS.

I found that saying on the statue base, middle photo, very interesting..”To the noble men who marched ‘neath the flag of the Stars and Bars and were faithful to the end.”..and underneath, “Glorious in life, In death sublime”…

The road into the actual downtown area of Grenada is built right through a swamp..

101_6926  101_6927

…and their trees are now in full blossom in the open areas…

101_6934 101_6871

That photo on the right is the road that goes across the Grenada Dam to our campground…alive with blossoms!!

OK…WAKE UP!!! I SAID…WAKE UP!!!!!..It is now safe to go back to what you were doing…I am done with my History lesson and photos..Tomorrow we are moving the Hiker ever so slowly further North, to Enid, MS..only 33 miles from here. We plan to be there 5 nights…This Sunday, we will drive to Rend Lake, Illinois for one night…and Monday, God willing and the creek sleet don’t rise, we will arrive at 518 W. Center St., Sandwich, IL..about 1PM, we HOPE!! Not sure if I will get another blog in before then, as my blogging has been very sporadic lately..I hoping my depressive mood swings will be addressed soon..I do have another appointment with Dr. Michael Moore at Indiana University Hospital in Indianapolis on April 21st..about my parathyroid issues..

One last thing…I want to wish our youngest child  and daughter, Christie, a very wonderful birthday today, March 23rd…WOOT!WOOT!

girlspoolchris YY1Z7057

Yep…our cute little baby girl…turned into a beautiful young woman!!


  1. I too find reading about and seeing history in towns interesting.
    It's a good way to keep perspective of our own life as we will be the history someday.
    Take care Donna and hope you get the answers you need.

  2. Great tour! I would not want to head anyplace that had a forecast that included snow!

  3. nice recap/history lesson! happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!
    have a safe trip home!

  4. I just finished a book about the civil war from a soldiers point of view. Very interesting & very educational. I would have found that cemetery interesting as well.

  5. I love cemeteries. Especially old ones. There is much to be learned in those old cemeteries.