Cave Dwellings: One GREAT young man, and….Stoned, yet again!
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

One GREAT young man, and….Stoned, yet again!

  The good news is that we had a great day at the College Champions Illinois Wisconsin track meet last Saturday..The bad news is that I came home to a dreaded reminder that I still have a few errant kidney stones lurking around inside.  Let’s do the best part first..the track meet.

Our great nephew, Joshua Eisenberg, is graduating from Augustana College, Rock Island IL, this May.  Not only does he have 3.96 GPA, but he has competed athletically all through college. This year he competed in the CCIW championships Heptathlon (indoor), getting first place, he also competed in the CCIW championship Decathlon (outdoor) and got 2nd place. We were there for that one. Oh, and did I mention he has been accepted at Loyola University in Chicago to study Pre-Med….I recommend you click this LINK to read the article in the paper about our Joshua Eisenberg. .Here are a few photos of Josh…

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A beautiful campus…on the right we saw this Heron eyeballing the fish in one of the ponds on campus…


Above is Leanne standing next to the hurdles Josh jumped over..They come up to her chest, and these are the LOW hurdles!

There were 10 events to compete in and it lasted 2 days.  The first 5 were done on Friday, but we didn’t make it for those..The last 5, Hurdles, Pole Vault, Javelin, Discus and 1500 meter run were done Saturday…and we were there to cheer him on!!

joshfans Couple on bottom to Josh’s right are his Grama Coultrip and her friend…Next to Josh on right is his Grampa Eisenberg (Den’s brother-in-law). Next row up left to right are Brenda,( Josh’s proud Mom), Tom (Josh’s Uncle), Leanne (Josh’s Aunt), and me. Top row is Mark, Josh’s happy Dad, and Dennis.  The meet was held at North Central College in Naperville, IL, and what a wonderful day we had. We did a little tail gaiting in between events.

101_5654 101_5656

Molly, Tom and Leanne’s new dog went along with us..She was such a good girl. She is about 11 weeks old and 22 lbs. now.

101_5658 101_5671

Molly couldn’t go out on the “astroturf” football field, so she watched from the sidelines. Obviously she was worn out from so much action.

So, now with the “bad”….As the day wore on Saturday, I began having familiar “pangs” reminiscent of my battle with many kidney stones over the years…Lets see:

1967…first kidney stone, 1968…another one….reprieve for a few years….1974, third one, while I was pregnant with Chris, no less...This was a whopper! The surgeon had to go in and dig it out of my kidney. I have the scar in my back to prove it and I was hospitalized 3 weeks. These days they just blast them with ultrasound…something called Lithotripsy. Oh, and I had that done with my 4th kidney stone in 2006. But WAIT! There’s more! I had another one that year, the Doc snuck in through the “trap door” and snagged yet another one by the horn and drug it into daylight. Nope, not done yet! Kidney stone number 6 appeared in 2010…another “blasting” was in order. SHEESH!!!

My Urologist is a God-Man.  I showed up at his office in Aurora unannounced and with no appointment, last Monday morning. He worked me in and ordered a KUB (kidney xray), ordered me some pain meds and I went home and waited for the call. Can I just say that the back pain is excruciating, but the pelvic/ “down there” pain is almost worse..Let’s see, how can I gently describe this?  It feels like there is a little knife stabbing into you, and it’s coming up from the toilet to get you…if you get my drift. AND you spend most of  your time on the “throne” trying to pee.  AND when  you do,  it is much akin to battery acid…How’s that for a fun time?

Long story short, yesterday the whole nightmare magically just went away…Either I passed the stone and wasn’t aware, or…it moved to a place that isn’t bothering me, waiting to strike again.  I prefer the first explanation.  Enough about my almost Merry Medical Mother’s Day…So….how is everyone else doing?

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best two cures for anything.”

                              ~ Irish Proverb


  1. Never had a kidney stone, and hope I never do. Yuck! Would cranberry juice with a little something extra help?? ;)

  2. Congrats to Joshua for his great athletic performance and even more for his academic prowess.

    Never had a kidney stone and hope I never do - it sounds extremely painful.

    1. As I said before...worse than giving natural childbirth....killer!

  3. I sure hope you are free of that stone. Cranberry juice is SUPPOSED to cut the acidity and reduce the likelyhook of kidney stones. Also, if you cut out all soft drinks, that is supposed to help.

  4. OMG!!! after your most cryptic description, I NEVER want to have ANY of those!!!!

  5. i know your pain !! I passed one about a yr ago that about done me in !! It was huge !! My urologist said to drink a shot of vinegar a day to keep them from forming.....cant tell ya if it workss or not cause i cant stand the smell of it :) looks like you had a great day!! Congrats toJosh !

  6. Congrats to your young man! He certainly has a lot going for him and everyone is duly proud. Quite a guy. He is attending the same college my nephew did a number of years ago. Never had a kidney stone but it does not sound like fun. Hope it is gone for good and they don't come back!

  7. Congratulations to Josh - you must be very proud of him.

    I had an ex-boyfriend with a kidney stone and it involved a trip to the emergency room in the middle of the night. I hope you're free of yours...