Cave Dwellings: Contrary to popular belief, I am still on the planet…
Cave Dwellings

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Monday, May 1, 2017

Contrary to popular belief, I am still on the planet…

Let me re-introduce myself..My name is Donna Cave, and I am (apparently), a VERY sporadic blogger..I am irresponsible, but not intentionally. My hubby, Dennis, and I are RVers…albeit ALSO sporadically..and NOT by choice. We live in Sandwich, IL in our sticks and bricks (for almost 43 years..close to forever).. And, yes, Sandwich is spelled just like a ham and cheese. Sandwich is in Northern Illinois, which I refer to as the “armpit” of the nation..Obviously, I would much rather be from a state that most of it’s former governors haven't spent some time  making license plates in prison. Some of you may remember me vaguely. I’m known for my nasty sarcasm, wicked kidney stones, and occasional four letter word…like SNOW.  OK, now that you are beginning to recall who I am, I will attempt a blog. I must warn you, though…Dennis and I have been trapped here in Illinois for one full year without hooking onto our fiver, so my blogs are limited to family stuff, corn fields, wandering around our back yard to look for a photo op, and more family stuff. By now you have probably figured out that this blog won’t be “riveting” material, and yes, it will be mostly about our family.
Speaking of family…(drum roll), we had an Easter party that I refer to as a Cave-A-Palooza. Here are a few photos…

 These cuties are some of our grands..L to R is Taylor, Campbell, Maddox, Sophia and Aiden…Aiden is the one who looks like he is up to no good…I have had that look!

 We have these get togethers a few times a year and so far there have been no bail bonds to pay, police called or noise abatement issues…key word here are “so far”.  Our granddaughter, Taylor, is a Senior in high school and will be attending Ball State University next fall with a Presidential Scholarship. Tay is our “thespian” and loves theater. This year she was in the Kaneland High School Spring Musical, “Singing In the Rain”, playing the very animated roll of Lina Lamont. Yep, you know darn well I have photos!
That is our Taylor in the big wig..
 AND.. our Taylor catching a pie in the face (for 3 consecutive shows)..
Tay can really belt out a song..and dance…I may be a big prejudice, but she was DARN good!!

 Taylor’s brother, Peyton, is a Jr. in high school and runs track and cross country..He is growing like a weed.
 Yep, Peyton is improving his PR every time he runs..

Below is the Wolff family…John, our daughter, Chris, and their two Wolff Cubs, Aiden and Maddox.
 Below, our son, Kelly and his wife, Cindy.
Below, their son, Dylan..Yep, I guess you could say we are all a little goofy..
 Below  is our step grandson, David and wife, Sarah..
And below,  are our 5 step GREAT grands, Zachary, Caitlyn holding Ashton, Sophia and Landon.

The Heisers, Taylor, our daughter, Terrie, Campbell, Peyton and son-in-law, Tim.


I’m pretty sure some of you know these faces…but in my Dementia riddled mind I assume no one remembers, so I refresh your memory…to refresh my own..JUST KIDDING!
Last weekend we had a monsoon for about 2 days..It just happened to be prom for 2 of the Heiser grands..and ..yep, more photos..(no, really?) 
 Our granddaughter, Taylor, and her date and boyfriend, Joshua.

They are both in theater..can you tell? No camera shyness here!
Hard to believe she is graduating..boohoo.
Below is  our grandson, Peyton and his date and FRIEND, (so he says), Rachel..

 Peyton had a surprise up his sleeve..or should I say his pant leg...
Not sure where he gets that...hmmmmm....

OK, you can wake up now and wipe the drool off the computer keyboard.  Hey, at least I showed up and did a blog!!! And don’t think you are off the hook so fast…With a graduation coming up,we have a few more photo ops, not to mention another musical (Campbell), choral awards night, middle school choral concert..and I will see what other events I can come up with to bore you to tears…OH, almost forgot..I have another Lithotripsy (kidney stone demolition) coming up this month…Stick around, it will be a BLAST!!!!


  1. Glad your have been missed

  2. I think your family is pretty riveting!! Looks like they have kept you pretty busy when you weren't busy blasting "stones." Your family, all of them, appear to have a lot of fun.
    Glad you're back!!

  3. Glad Gravity has kept you down to earth and having fun with your family.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. It was fun to be refreshed! You're more humorous here also so that was fun too! And, it proves there are two sides to every story......the Facebook side and the blogger side!

  5. Hey, welcome back! That is one good looking family! If you have to stay put at home for a while, at least you have lots of entertainment while there. :)

  6. ALWAYS a treat hearing from YOU !!! Love all the photos and the current happenings !!! Everyone looks great !!! Keep having fun ......... you and Dennis stay well ! Your grandchildren are so talented!!! What a blessing !!! Keep the news coming!