Cave Dwellings: My life is currently on I am reliving RV memories...
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, February 5, 2017

My life is currently on I am reliving RV memories...

At this time, Dennis and I are both tending to some medical issues..He is having his 3rd colonoscopy in 6 months tomorrow..This means he will be prepping during the SuperBowl..It's a good thing the Chicago Bears aren't playing, that could be a deal breaker..As more me and my stones...I am having lithostripsy this Thursday in LaGrange, IL..Actually called ESWL, Extracorporeal Shock Wave, this is suppose to break up the kidney stones into small sand-like pieces so they may pass easily through your urinary tract..Key word here, is EASILY!! We shall see...Soooo, hopefully once all this junk is over,we can begin to plan our next Winter's trip...In the meantime, I am revisiting some old Winter trips..This one was the Winter of 2011-12.
We spent most of January at Falcon State Park, Falcon Heights, TX. The birding there is fabulous!! Lots of exotic and colorful birds...

Nice pull through sites, some with full hook up and some with just W and E...

The Pyrrhuloxia  look like Cardinals , but are different...and they LOVE to look into shiny things and peck at them..They see themselves and think it is another bird, so become aggressive..not good for  your mirrors, so everyone covers them with WalMart bags to prevent the scratching...The Orioles do the same thing...
Above is a female Pyrrhuloxia....
 Above is a Green Jay...These are sooooo colorful!!!
 And here we have a Titmouse...adorable..
There is also a nasty little critter that you want to avoid at all costs...the ever present fireants!! When they bite, you better have plenty of Benedryl handy, pills and ointment!
I refuse to give these creepy things more than one photo...They are evil!
Falcon Lake is actually the dammed up Rio Grande, so Mexico is just across the bridge...However, I don't recommend crossing here, or at Roma down the road...Best place to cross is in the "Valley", at Progresso...much safer...well, somewhat safer. 

There is a lot of fishing that goes on here at Falcon Lake, but make sure  you don't cross into the Mexican waters (other side of the lake), this may not bode well for you...

There are lots of trails to walk here...This is the last time we were there, so if  you do want to go, make sure you get on the website and check it out first..It is pretty remote, and the nearest shopping for groceries of any kind is Rio Grande City, about 40 miles away..The town of Roma is pretty neat, having some very old historic buildings...
 Some of these old buildings were used to film the movie Viva Zapata! made in 1952 and starring Marlon Brando..

It's fun to park and just walk around the streets. There is a place that overlooks the Rio Grande and into Mexico where everyone wants their photo taken..including Dennis and moi!
 The Border Patrol has stations everywhere to keep watch on the very narrow Rio Grande at this point.
 Just behind us, across the river, is a very different world than we are lucky enough to have here in this great country!!
 Looking out of the back window of our Hiker..Their campsites are really nicely set up...

 Lots of places to ride  your bike, and the weather is usually darn nice. We always seemed to end up there in January, but once we stayed 6 weeks. That was when you could stay longer than 2 weeks. I advise getting a Texas State Park Pass if you intend to camp in is well worth it!
I really do love this park and all it has to offer. I'm not sure when we will get back, but I hope to someday...
...and they have fabulous sunsets there, too!!!!


  1. Isn't it great to have wonderful memories to reflect on in the cold of winter?? Glad you have these to keep you warm!!!
    Wishing you and Dennis the very best with your procedures....I'll say a prayer!!

    1. Thanks to you for your well wishes..Sometimes life grabs you and makes you realize just how lucky you are!!

  2. That procedure your having done sounds like the same way they got rid of a large kidney stone I had several years ago. They went in and blasted it to bits. Laser I think. You have some really nice photos in this post. All the best to you and Dennis in your upcoming medical appointments. Darn this aging stuff!!

    1. Thank you Al...We have been big fans of the Bayfield Bunch for a long time...Hoping to get off this medical merry go round and able to RV again....Yours and Kelly's support has meant a lot to us!

  3. Just getting caught up (again)... internet here sucks... Anyway... Those memories are so important. I guess that's why I take so many photos... they bring back to me what my mind lets slip by. But more important... hope you both regain your good health and are able to get on the road again. Living vicariously through others is nice, but being out there yourselves would be grand! Good thoughts, prayers, and best wishes for y'all to travel soon.