Cave Dwellings: Long time..No see ums!
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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Long time..No see ums!

Yep….I know…my bad!!..I have been very neglectful in respect to blogging…It seems that the faster I go the behinder I get!  Also, when not “on the road”, I have a hard time coming up with anything to blog about… I inserted the word “No see ums” on purpose..Those little bugs are everywhere here..Yep, there IS such a thing as a bug by that name…Turns out they are so small you can hardly see um..but you can feel their bite!..OK, no travel makes me a dull girl/ old lady…So, guess what I am blogging about???  Yes, you guessed it…FAMILY!!!

On Sept. 24th, our only granddaughter turned 18 years old..Man, that one hurt!! She was our first grandchild, and it seems like yesterday!.It turns out that her birthday was on the same day as Kaneland High School Homecoming dance…and yes, I have pictures..( did you ever doubt it?)


The “gang” met at her house for photos, and they had a cake for her..and a few gifts..Her Mom and Dad bought her that shirt…hmmmmm….


Her wonderful boyfriend, Joshua, is one lucky guy….(in my humble opinion)…





Dresses for homecoming have changed since I was in high school…We wore a wool skirt and a sweater, penny loafers and bobby socks..Get over it, Donna… Actually, Joshua was in the musical with Taylor last Spring.  He played Jack (of Jack and the Beanstalk fame)..that’s how they met…








Taylor was Cinderella…sings like a bird..Here are Tay (Cinder) and Joshua (Jack)…

We also attended a Cross Country track meet that our oldest grandson, Peyton, ran in….There were about 16 teams running!!


Peyton is a Junior and runs with the Varsity…He broke his personal best time on the 5 K at this meet. Pey is the smallest one on the team! (4th from the left)…

We also did a trip to Zionsville, IN to visit our Wolff cubs…


We made stuffed crust pizza…and the kids played a concert for us in the garage..Aiden, 7, on left,…Maddox, 5, on the right…friend of family middle..

I love Zionsville, Indiana…It is so quaint with brick streets and neat little pubs..



My beautiful daughter, Chris…and her worn out hubby, John…

ALSO…We went to Kelly and Cindy’s for a Chicago Bears tailgate party at their house..


They have a Cave Cave in their garage, complete with bar and TV…However, Kelly was in full tailgate mode and had to have the real thing..


Yep….He put a TV in the back of his truck too! We Cave people know how to do it right!!

So,now that I have bored you to tears, yet again, with a family blog, I am infringing on my “cocktail hour”…Hey, a girl has to relax now and then!!! I will try to do better about my blogging..Key word here is TRY!




  1. Great post! Nice family and great photos.

  2. Hey I see-um you and nice to see-um you too:))

  3. I always enjoy hearing about your family.

  4. enjoyed your photos and venture .have a safe travelling