Cave Dwellings: “Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks!”
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

“Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks!”

OK, I’m totally and entirely not to be depended upon.  My “adventures in blogging” are becoming “hide and seek” games with my writer’s block.  Sometimes ya just gotta reach down into that abyss and pull a rabbit out of your hat…So here is my rabbit blog…and I have no idea where this train wreck is headed, so hang on!

Not much going on in the way of travel, and I am now a farmer’s widow, as Dennis is officially in the corn and bean fields.  I keeping him that that he pulled a “bait and switch” on me..He never told me he was a closet farmhand when we were dating!!!  But he loves this stuff, so who am I to ruin his fun between the rows??



Dennis has also taken a couple of our grandkids with him for the ride when they were little…and, as you can see, they LOVED it!!!

Above photo was taken in 2009..Peyton was 9 and Taylor was 11…Campbell was 5 and wanted NO part of this monster machine!!

So….. for the good part of a month (depending upon the rainy weather), it is up to me to find things to keep me busy, and my attention span is very short…  However, surprisingly, I have found a lot to do about tidying up this place..mowing grass, go shopping, cleaning the basement, look for bargains at garage sales, cleaning out cupboards, shopping, wash the GMC, shoppping…and finally….. getting around to blogging!!!

I have been taking my walks without MacGyver, as he now works from sun up until after dark…


Here we have two different mornings….and two totally different skys….Our weather is beginning to remind me that Winter is ahead of us…and I had to dig deep into my closet for my earmuffs!!  However, it is still October and some color is beginning to tint the landscape around our house..


We got our Halloween goin’ on outside the Cave Casa…


…and also have it goin’on inside too!!

When October rolls around, I get out my handy dandy Caramel Corn recipe and take all day making a couple recipes.  This stuff is the best ever..melts in your mouth. It is a bit labor intensive, but worth every minute and stir..


Since MacGyver is in the corn with the Green Giant (the green combine), I have been taking our elderly Aunt to see her hubby in the nursing home..Tuesday, the first day of the World Series (Cubs against the Indians), they had a big celebration for the residents of the nursing home, so I took Uncle Clarence and Aunt Jeanette to take part in the festivities….Wow, they had lots going on! Everyone had on their Cubs shirts or hats and there was peanuts in the shell, Cracker Jacks, chips, hot dogs and…..BEER! Just like going to Wrigley Field!!!



Aunt Jeanette is 101 years young…Uncle Clarence is 93..and they were enjoying the “buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks!” part..Then they brought out the hot dogs, with ketchup, mustard, relish and onion…and Uncle Clarence had himself a bottle of Dos Equis beer!!!! He sure enjoyed that!! Also, at this nursing home they have “comfort dogs” come in and visit the residents. I think this is an awesome idea, and we had the pleasure of meeting the Doberman Pincer, Molly. She was soooo well behaved and everyone enjoyed her presence.


So….that has been my last few weeks in a nutshell…I’m not anxious to think about spending many more days here in Northern Illinois, but “Ya gotta do what Ya gotta do”, right?  Not sure if or when we will get into our Hiker and hit the road…I do know it won’t be Florida, if we get to go anywhere…Right now, I just need to focus on passing a humongous kidney stone..oh joy..I will try to do better at posting more often…Key word is TRY!!!


Maybe this is the answer…..

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  1. Great hearing from you again....will miss you at Ortona this year