Cave Dwellings: On our way home…via Mobile Bay and Natchez, MS
Cave Dwellings

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

On our way home…via Mobile Bay and Natchez, MS

I wasn’t sure if I could publish photos from OLW for my blog…So, I guess I can. Anyway, I know it’s been a while since my last blog at Big Lagoon State Park in Florida..I just cannot seem to get my mojo going this trip. I have bouts of depression where I just want to pack it up and go home..and THAT is very unlike me. I am definitely having anxiety I never have  had..I am a nervous wreck when pulling the Hiker, I have “night terrors” (bad dreams), and my BP is pretty high again. I go see my Endocrinologist and the surgeon to schedule another surgery in late April or early May. I am hanging all my hopes on that surgery, that it will make me back into my obnoxious, but life loving self after they pull that parathyroid adenoma out..At least my Endocrinologist says she is 99.9% sure that is my entire problem.OK, enough about my creepiness, I have some photos to post~~



We stayed one week at Meaher State Park in Spanish Fort, AL. It was right on Mobile Bay, a great view. Above right is a bar called Traders on Battleship Parkway. You know for sure that the only reason this place has survived here are those stilts it sits upon!!


From our site #9, we had a fantastic view of the sunsets..We also  had winds every darn day…so we didn’t put the awning out. FYI, there is an awesome Pro Bass Shop right of I-10 in Spanish Fort..LOVE that store..

After our week on Mobile Bay, we headed to Natchez State Park, 8 miles North of Natchez. Last time we were there was in December of 2008 and it was only for 2 nights. I was anxious to get back and see some more of the Antebellum homes. We got to the state park, got started to set up and … electricity…In about 10 minutes, Ranger Rick came by and said we wouldn’t have any electricity in the entire loop until the next day.  They had to wait for the state to send an electrician. OK, no problem..We have propane and can do one night without the electric power. We had a plug in nightlight that was just barely on, so Dennis figured we had some electric voltage,but not enough to run lights or our refrig..and he was a little worried about this low power not being good for many reasons. So, we sat outside (it was 80 wonderful degrees), had cocktail hour outside, ate an early dinner and went to bed.

The next morning I went to get my ice trays out of the freezer that I had filled the night before…and they were water. WHAAAT?? So Den took the cover off the back of the refrig and the pilot light for propane wasn’t lit..CRAP! something must be wrong with our Hiker refrigerator.. McGyver and I immediately went to the office and now Ranger Rick told us it might be one more day without electric, and THAT couldn’t happen.. We told Ranger Rick about our plight, thinking we had to leave and head up to Grenada so we could get some power to our refrig before everything thawed…Then, the ranger told us he could move us into another loop in the park that DID have electric..and that is where we ended up..Whew! When we got all set up in our new site WITH  elec, Dennis switched our refrig to propane to see if it was now working..and it was. His belief is that the low power voltage fooled our refrig into thinking it had enough power to run, so it never switched over to propane. At any rate, when we leave here Tuesday, Dennis will see how the propane is. Well now, that took a while to explain, and I’m pretty sure nobody really gets what I just wrote…Here are some photos of the flooding we saw driving to Natchez…


Thank God there was no bad flooding right IN and around Natchez..These poor people!! After seeing this, I need to thank my lucky stars I have problems I can get fixed and quit complaining!! Here are some of the photos I took here by the park ..


We visited Emerald Mounds, the second largest temple mound built in the United States. It was built and used from 1300-1600, probably by the Mississipian Indians. As you can see, I wasn’t too excited to be at this historic mound!  Our campground is only a couple miles from the Natchez Trace Parkway.  This began as a buffalo trail, then used by the traders and Indians 1800-1820.  It runs 440 miles from Nashville, TN to Natchez, MS..I am standing at the terminus (end of it) just on the edge of Natchez.


There is a little abandoned ghost town of Stanton right outside the entrance to our park… It made for some great photos! I tried and tried to find out more about this little town and why it died..There is a beautiful old home in Natchez called Stanton Hall (more later about that), and I have a suspicion there is a connection, but couldn’t find anything online….Darn!


We also did a driving tour of some of the great antebellum homes in Natchez…

Auburn Mansion circa 1812The Wigwam, circa 1790

Above left, is The Auburn Mansion, circa 1812…Right photo is The Wigwam, circa 1790..and no, I could find no info on why it is called that..but it is now a B & B.

The Towers circa 1798Stanton Hall 

Left is The Towers, circa 1798…and on the right I am standing in front of one of my fav’s, Stanton Hall circa 1857.

Stanton HallStanton Hall

Azalea at Melrose MansionFence surrounding Stanton Hall..

Here a couple more pics of Stanton Hall…I love the iron fence around it and the ironwork on the portico!!

We also visited a more “seedy” side of Natchez, called “Natchez Under the Hill”.


Here is the Under The Hill Saloon from the street. Historic research shows that this place has been used as a brothel, bar, warehouse and general merchandise store. Back in "the day", Natchez was one of the chief resorts of the riverboat men, headed to New Orleans. When they arrived here they knew their journey was almost over, therefore they indulged in one last fling before entering the wilderness on their way home. Drinking, gambling and ladies of the night were readily available and the travelers were anxious to indulge them all. Here are some photos of the inside of the saloon…


Built in the late 1700s or early 1800s, the building that now houses Under-The-Hill-Saloon has experienced a lot of Natchez history. The date of its construction is unknown due to a courthouse fire that destroyed most of the records. Cocktails for me weren't cheap (Cuba Libre $6), but Den's Bud Lite bottle was only $2.75...SAY WHAAAAT???

So we are here until Tuesday..Our weather this trip has been just OK..We had our best 2 weeks the last part of December when we were at Ortona in LaBelle, FL..80 degrees everyday. After that we had tornado watches, warnings..torrential downpours and flash flood warnings almost every week…BUT.. is still beats Illinois weather.. I will try to do a blog from Grenada next week, but with my mood swings, it might amount to one photo…JUST KIDDING!!


  1. Hang in there. I enjoy reading your blogs. We toured some of those homes. They were beautiful but the tours were expensive.

  2. Donna, always enjoy your posts and your humor .... Sorry this has been an off year all the way around ..., weather, and health wise ....
    I have been in the same boat... Have spent months with trial and error on medications and bad side effects.... Pain in the butt !!!
    Hope to get up to Door County this summer but not sure... I am from there originally ... Hard to travel under the weather ....
    Take good care... Always love hearing about your family, the sporting events, races and drama performances ... All the best with the surgery ! Sally

  3. I remember last year we criss-crossed with you guys on I-80 somewhere by just a few hours. You were heading north & we were heading east. I like those big homes as well & it sure is looking like Spring over your way with all those colors. Sounds like you & I both have a sometimes confusing restless nature. Hope that operation works for you. If it does let me know & I'll get one done too........:))

  4. Safe travels home.
    After reading your blogs these past few months we have some good ideas for next year so, thank you.

    Celebrating the Dance

  5. hope you feel better soon...hang in there!!