Cave Dwellings: A busy few days here at Big Lagoon State Park!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, March 6, 2016

A busy few days here at Big Lagoon State Park!

We arrived here on Tuesday about 1PM. There was a bit of a hurry to make sure we were set up, as our son, his wife and stepson were arriving early evening…This park is very nice, by the way. Here are a few photos..


Above is a view of Perdido Key from our camping area..They have nice boardwalks to the beach …


Above is our campsite…Much better than the last one, that’s for sure!!!

Our family showed up about 6PM ….and the party didn’t end until Saturday morning when they left here and drove to Nashville for the night on their way home…We toured the Pensacola Naval Air Station Wednesday all day. Thursday we toured Ft. Pickens National Seashore and Pensacola Beach area…all day…And Friday we drove 60  miles so they could see the USS Alabama in Mobile Bay. Whew!! Here are a few photos ..I took a gazillion, but these will suffice…


We all sat in jets…There was soooo much to see..Kelly and his stepson, Dylan, rode in an F-18 flight simulator…The had to be briefed about it because they were actually doing the flying..That thing went straight up, straight down and on it’s side…I would have had to taken a barf bag.


Above, Kelly is standing in front of one of the attack jets onboard the USS JFK when he was stationed there in the Navy during the Persian Gulf War. We were hoping the Blue Angels would be practicing, but that doesnt’ start until mid March…


We had lunch at the Cubi Bar and Cafe in the museum..It is a great place to get lunch and a beer or wine to rest and regroup before continuing touring all of the wonderful displays.

Onward to Ft Pickens the next day, where we stopped at the beautiful white sand beach …and for an adult beverage..


Ft. Pickens is an amazing piece of history and shouldn’t be missed..


We had to get in that gulf…and the water was cold,!!


Of course we had an adult beverage at Shaggy's Pensacola Beach!!

Friday it was the USS Alabama in Mobile…


While here in Florida, Kelly was playing cell phone tag with one of his shipmates from the Navy, who lives near Jacksonville, FL. It just so happened that he and his wife were headed to Biloxi, so Kelly told  him we were in Mobile, and they met us in the USS Alabama Park. We all went to dinner together.. Kelly and Curtis (his friend’s name) hadn’t seen each other since they got off the ship…25 years ago in Norfolk, VA. They had only communicated on Facebook. What a great time and how wonderful for them to “hook up”..


Two heroes of the Persian Gulf War meet again after 25 years…They are going to plan a reunion of their group from the USS JFK…

Of course there were some crazy times here and there in the 4 days the Cave family visited…



Kelly took over KP for me after one of our meals…Right his Cindy’s son, Dylan..He just graduated from Lewis University in Illinois with a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation those airplane engines really impressed him! He also obviously had a blast in Florida!!


This is what our Hiker looked like every morning for 4 days…They all left on Saturday morning, and we really hated to see them go. What a great time we had with our family visitors in Pensacola..!!


“Thanks for the memories”……