Cave Dwellings: Adjust and Overcome!
Cave Dwellings

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Adjust and Overcome!

So, Dennis and I are now about 5 miles from Cedar Key Florida at a campground I reserved last August 3rd. I double checked with them a few days before our arrival date to make sure they still  had our reservation. For some reason I was a little uneasy about this one. I never received any printed confirmation. But the gentleman I spoke with said that  yes, they had our information and were expecting us…But..there weren’t any sites with sewer hook ups so we might have to be in one with no sewer for a day or two and then move..Aaaaalllll righty then!. We can do without sewer for a few days.

Long story longer, when we arrived it was a little sketchy. We went to register, and I was told we were going to be in site #1, right across from the office , just for one or two nights. I wasn’t thrilled, seeing as we reserved this last August, but being a nice person I said OK. We are now in a site with NO concrete pad (others have them), with no sewer, 30 AMP service, no picnic table, no fire pit, backed up to a wire fence and the busy highway.. and next to someone who , shall we say, could never do “go rving” commercials.  In fact, this isn’t really what I would consider a “site”. And,just for the record, after walking around the potholed gravel roads in this park, with horrific looking campers in some spots, Den I decided we would just stay were we were. The “other sites” in and around the interior of the park were scary, and there were some abandoned old campers surrounded by crap and junk.


We got here Monday. I was assured we would be moved to a “regular” site Tuesday when someone pulled out. Well, yesterday I watched a fiver and a big motor home come in and get taken around to a “regular site”. The gentleman saw me looking outside and said “Oh, we will get you a site in a day or two”..I said, “You know what? We will just stay where we are. After walking around your park, we think we have a better site right here”..Here is one reason we like where we are better than inside the “regular” sites.


…right by the dump station..and you oughta see THAT!.I rest my case.

We did our walk around an RV park that is just down the road from ours..and it was soooo much better, but pricier…Lesson to self, you get what you pay for, buy $175 for 8 days here is NO bargain either.

Enough about this debacle, we are here. Today we drove in to Cedar Key and did some driving around. Today was cool, cloudy and windy, so we kept our tour as a driving tour…




This is my fav…No way could we ever afford something like this. In fact, I thought at one time I could live here, but I changed my mind. I like to be somewhat “away from town” ,but this is a bit too far removed.  We drove through the pier area, which is pretty cool….albeit WAY too touristy for me. However, Dennis and I will come back on a sunnier and warmer day to do the “tourist” thing and maybe have an adult beverage.


Finding parking anywhere near here is NOT happening. ..and ..if I were doing the parking it would not be pretty. Parallel parking is not my forte, especially in our short turning GMC!

We have had some pretty scary weather lately. It seems that this is a banner year for Florida tornadoes..We have our weather radio, and it screamed “Tornado Watch” at 3:30AM this morning and lasted until 9AM. We were fortunate, but there were 2 people killed in Alabama at an RV Park, and another in Mississippi..That does give one pause.. I have managed to get a few decent photos of our skies…



Ok, I am done with my rant…and yes, I know that I, of all peeps, should never complain about scary and weird people…I could win that contest hands down. Dennis and I are dealing with this, and I don’t think it’s fair to name the place on my blog (although I might have mentioned it in an earlier post…). When life gives you lemons, make it a Mikes’ Hard Lemonade, right??


  1. Actually, I think you ought to mention the name so others won't have the same not-so-nice experience.

  2. Ugh - sorry you had such a bad experience with the campground. Sounds as if you are handling the frustrating situation well. We liked the State Park Museum there in the area...

  3. The RV park across the street is much much nicer, cost is more of course, A little more remote is Shell County Mound Park. We usually rent a golf cart to run around Cedar Key and park the truck. Week days are usually nice.