Cave Dwellings: A Little “kick in the pants” to get me blogging..
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, February 15, 2016

A Little “kick in the pants” to get me blogging..

As you who live in the blogosphere know, I have been very lax about my blogging habits lately. It seems to be harder for me to lash my derierre to the computer chair and come up with creativity. It does’t help that I would much rather be outside in the sunshine than inside in my computer slide…So you can imagine my surprise when I was wiping down the GMC for our next move and a pick up truck with South Dakota plates pulled in right in front of me. Hmmm…South Dakota means “full timers” to we who RV..or at least they USUALLY mean that. The doors opened and a couple got out and said, “I know you don’t know us, but I know you from your blog…” SAAY WHAAAAT?? Yep, someone who has been brave enough to get on this crazy train and lurk along with the Cave Dwellers…And so Dennis and I met Dave and Sharon Williamson, originally from Ohio and just recently in November became “fulltimers”.


We pulled up our chairs and they got out theirs from their truck and we had a great visit. As Sharon kindly pointed out, I have been blogging less these days (she checks every other day), and yes, I am now feeling somewhat guilty about that..Hey, I had no idea anyone would be kind enough to MISS me!!!She knew we were here at Ortona by my last and distant blog. Seeing as they were only about an hour away, they decided to take a drive and see if they could find the elusive Hiker and her owners. We had a great visit..a good couple hours worth, and made some new friends we will look up sometime. Thank you Sharon, for your compliments on my insanity by kindly calling it “humor”…I will try to be more frequent with expounding on our travels…(key word here is TRY).

Our weather here has been nice and I managed to get some great sunrise photos..


…Actually, MacGyver takes these morning photos..He has the East window by his pillow, so I ask him to look out and see if there is a photo op, then hand my phone to him and WALLA! I take credit for a great picture. Let me say that this system is much better than me jumping up and running outside to get a photo…Mornings are not my best, what with bedhead and cow being in my nightshirt alla Maxine. I do take my own evening sunset photos though…They are convenietly just outside our back Hiker window..I can just turn my chair, in my evening ensemble, and “click” off a sunset without even spilling my Rum and Coke..


Here are a few more photos from Ortona…


Our evenings have been pretty cold, and we have had some fog and steam rising from the river and stream…We also had a riverboat lock through the dam!


Who is that stud muffin on his bike that just went by our Hiker? Oh, yeah..that would be MY stud muffin, peddaling his arse up to check out the boats locking through..He loves to wander over and see exactly what we can never afford..I sometimes go with him, but this one instance that I chose to lie back in the sunshine I was glad I didn’t go…


Yep..just this photo makes me want to vomit…We have here a Brown Water Snake. He ?? can be found basking by the fence, and according to Dennis there are usually two..A couple?? and his pal (she? the Heck does one tell the difference?..and who in the world cares?????? NOT ME!) I told Dennis to spare my bloggers the photo of both together…Snake couples only make me doubly want to vomit…

Speaking of couples..(did I really just segue from snakes to Valentines?), Den and I don’t usually do Valentines..After 46 years, we can both just go to the WalMart card aisle, pick one out, let each other read it…and save a dime. However, we did get a much needed new mat for our Hiker…


After our last experience in the flooding, and having to pole vault into our truck, we decided we needed a larger front door mat than our postage stamp sized one…How about it??? Me too!

Anyway, we leave Ortona and the warmth of South Florida for Salt Springs, near Ocala on Wednesday. We stayed there on the way down and I love those beautiful springs…. so that will be our new diggs for 5 days…And..I will try my best to be more frequent with blogging ..Thank you, Sharon , for giving me a much needed “kick in the pants”, and for reminding me that there actually ARE people lurking out there who read them..Plus, it gives me a way of filling my need to put my thoughts (albeit sometimes scary) in print!…Until next time…and hopefully sooner than later!!



  1. I only read your blog when I have my computer on. But I enjoy it when I do get to read it.

  2. Always a pleasure to hear what has been stirring in your neck of the woods.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. lol Always enjoy it when a new edition of your blog appears in my reading list. :)

  4. It's easy to slide out of the blogging habit. I could use a kick in the pants myself.

  5. Always enjoy reading your blog, this year especially because, I believe I mentioned in an earlier comment, we hope to start our next adventure in Florida. I am pretty new to this whole blog world, just started my second year, yet in my short time I have come to realize how quickly a few days or a few weeks can pass without a blog being posted. Sometimes you are just to busy living "the fun". Keep enjoying.

    Celebrating the Dance

  6. You folks sure have had your share of bad weather over there. For me blogging is an all or nothing endeavor. I know if I didn't blog daily I would rapidly lose interest & after a short while I would probably give it up all together & move on to something else. Moderation has never been my strong point. Good for you in keeping your hand in.