Cave Dwellings: Just like your worst nightmare..I’M BACK!
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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Just like your worst nightmare..I’M BACK!

This blog will be mostly photos. MacGyver and I have been “off line” for almost 3 weeks in the wild everglades of Florida. I took a gazillion photos but couldn’t post any on a blog until now, sooooo..get ready for a photo albumn. These photos were taken in Big Cypress National Park, Midway Campground, Everglades National Park and Flamingo Campground, and Key Largo…Oh, and a place called Joanie’s Blue Crab the middle of nowhere on Tamiami Trail. I advise you to click on individual ones to get a better look.





Most of those above photos were taken on “The Loop Road”, which is part of Big Cypress National Park. It is 24 miles of gravel road through some of the most beautiful Everglades photo ops I have ever seen..and it took us 2 hours to do it..You just have to stop  every few feet to take photos..




Above 5 photos taken at Joanie’s Blue Crab Cafe..We met some friends from Illinois who were staying in Everglade City for drinks. That big guy in the hat just happen to be the photographer who does all of the photos for the cafe..Nice guy, and I totally forgot his name!



Above are photos taken at Flamingo Campground in Everglades National Park..That huge nest belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Osprey..



Being so close, we had to drive from Flamingo to Key Largo, and the above 6 photos are from there..And yes, we had an adult beverage while Sharkey’s Pub and Grill on one of the inland waterways..

So, that is about enough pictures for one blog, but we had such a wonderful time, albeit unable to blog for a while. Right now we are at Felda, FL, East of Ft. Myers. We will be here for 2 weeks and today we plan to visit Imokalee, a town just 8 miles South of us..and they have a Casino/Hotel!!! Rest assured, I will post some photos of that too..Yep, I am officially back to bore you once again ..and hope to find some more “fodder” you place upon you !!


  1. Sorry we missed you at Ortona this year....we were in site 40 the week before you got there....anyhooo, just west of you is a very nice state park (Koreshan State Historic site) Also,if you get a chance visit the Ford and Edison winter homes in Ft Meyers where rt 82 and 41 converge....Happy Trails

  2. I wondered what happened to you. Thought maybe you two just became beach bums or something.

  3. Great collection of photos showcasing what a grand time you're having. Sure beats that nasty snowstorm up north.

  4. Nice to be back on line again but there are times when it is great to have no internet !!
    Great photos as always!!

  5. welcome back to blogland... we are just about 15 miles south of you two now until we leave in a week

  6. Wonderful pictures. Really enjoyed all the birds and the alligator too!