Cave Dwellings: “Don't know why, there's no sun up in the sky… Stormy weather..”
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

“Don't know why, there's no sun up in the sky… Stormy weather..”

According to the locals here in South Florida, these rains lately are  the worst January rain events for this area in 10 years…Yep..we are in the brunt of a stretch of rain and storms, producing small tornadoes and heavy thunderstorms..Our weather radio goes off on a regular basis for the last weeks..We are at a new place that we have never stayed at before, called Palms and Pines RV Park in Felda, FL. It is a nice park, albeit we are all parked on grass…and the Hiker seems to be in one of many “low spots”. This morning, MacGyver and I put on our sandals and Crocs and waded through our “moat” to take our clothes to the laundry here in the park. It is just a short walk for us, but the trial is just getting out to the road in front of our RV…After checking for frogs, gators, snakes and other swimming  reptiles, I gingerly stepped out the door and hauled my arse as fast as I could to the HIGHER blacktop..



Holy castle moat, Batman…We’re on a deserted island!!

However, on the up side of this park, there are some nice birds hanging out here.


The Sandhill Cranes walk through this park on a regular regiment..and the Painted Buntings are here all month at the feeders…SCORE!! I also hear an owl every night and early morning that I would love to spot for a photo op..I think he deliberately taunts me. I keep looking out my window, knowing he is near, but he usually shows up when I am either in bed, or just getting my teeth brushed!!! My hope is to catch him some early evening..I am hoping he is a Barred Owl…

We drove to Immokalee, a town about 8 miles from here. I heard that they have a lovely Farmer’s Market every Saturday and I was NOT disappointed!



I have never seen carrots so darn big in my life!! Although not our favorite veggie, these were amazing!

This park has a really neat pond/swamp area to the rear of the park, and just behind us is a field with some great “palms and pines”..


Speaking of Palms, check this out…


I took this photo out my window right next to my recliner in the rear of the Hiker…Dennis did an awesome job backing our rig in and not taking out this tall Palm..He “missed it by thaaaaat much”… Oh, and we have a couple banana trees here at the park too, but don’t pick one…the banana police will haul you off!!


We will be here in Felda for another week.  By then, we may have to make a trip to Ft. Myers and trade this RV in for a boat….I really wish the rain Gods that be would back off for a while and let us dry out before we  have to squish our rig carefully through the mud/grass and get it safe and sound on the blacktop park roads. At this point I think it only fair that I show you a photo of our site without the “waterfront property”…



…and this is what a great sunrise looks like here (if we ever get to see another one). Oh oh, MacGyver just pulled up the radar and it looks like another full day of rain tomorrow…

dance in the rain


  1. Hey I know a guy with a good 40 horse outboard motor if you need one....& you probably will after I looked at a Florida weather map this afternoon. Say have you ever thought of taking up snorkeling? If Dennis were to drive the truck though that water fast enough maybe you could even get in a little surfing eh:))

  2. One of my favorite quotes and one of the reasons we gave our blog the title we did. Though after reading the list of critters, you mentioned, I would be doing it on the high ground...:) Hope the weather gods give you some sun soon.
    Good luck getting the picture of the owl.

    Celebrating the Dance

  3. Now if that owl says: Who cook for you? Who cooks for you-all? Then, it's definitely a barred.

  4. We are in Punta Gorda and it has rained the last 15 hours. 11 inches in January already.

  5. just south of you in Bonita Springs FL - local news says we are now at 5 times normal Jan rainfall