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Friday, July 24, 2015

More time when you are retired?? What a myth!

Go ahead…give me a “dressing down”…My blogging is becoming fewer and far between..Our elder family members are in much need of help right now…and family does come first..However, I do see it taking it’s toll on both Dennis and me…We are no “youngins” our selves, after all! At any rate, I will try to fill you in on a few fun things we HAVE been doing…We made it to Hayward, WI for 3 nights to be with some of our family members.  This was our first trip to Hayward without our niece, Leanne, who passed away last September..She made that one last trip with us last year, and it was so great she got to go one last time…

20140709_134046We sure missed you this year, Leo.

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20150713_132128 20150714_141308 20150714_124508

11731588_471229679706009_760499135433751552_o Our nephew, Tommy, (Leanne’s husband), caught himself a 42” Musky!!!!!


The Boat Bitches

We had a great time in the Northwoods. Our daughter ,Chris and her family, and our son, Kelly and his wife and son were there. The Heisers didn’t come up this year..Ter and Tim flew to Punta Cana for a week for their 20th wedding anniversary..We have been watching their kids (really don’t need much watching at ages 16, 15, and 11.)

20150719_194323 20150721_155437

The Heiser kids….and their deaf rescue dog, Bogie…

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These things use to be called “skate boards”… Now they are a different shape and called “Rip Sticks”…whatever. All I know is that these kids are ACES at it…(our neighbor Jessie was over for the fun too!)

In my last (and too long ago) blog, I mentioned Toby Flaget and his walk to promote suicide awareness..Toby's Walk for Awareness…Well, Toby showed up at our house last week!!!!

20150717_120650 20150717_114735

Toby has re-injured a leg on his walk, so he is being driven by his side kick,  Roi, for some of the trip. He still walks some, but his leg swells up and he will probably have to go to the VA hospital when he is done and have surgery..Toby cannot drive himself because has epilepsy, so he has a great kid/friend who has been with him, driving ahead with flashers on, or driving him if need be…

11707747_1049712321705912_5156330483454355501_o Toby and Roi, his driver.

20150717_132018 20150717_131012 20150717_142655

I had the privilege of walking through town with Toby and Roi..We stopped at the Mayor’s office (our Mayor use to be the Police Chief when Toby was an officer here), and we went to a couple businesses in town to promote the cause…


Roi and I just cannot get TOOOOOOO serious!!!

Well, as you can see, we have been busy…and life is full of surprises, that’s for sure!! I will try to be more diligent about posting…key word…TRY!  Thanks for all of you for continuing to read this drivel…


  1. I was hoping to see another shaving cream war.

  2. I go through times like that as well! We'll be here when you get a chance to post. :) Looks like you're having a fun summer!!

  3. I makes you wonder how you got anything accomplished while still in the working world. Our kids think we have all kinds of time on our hands and should be continually helping them. Not! We help when we can and sometimes that means not getting some of our chores finished.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Looks like a GREAT time was had by all! What a great looking bunch