Cave Dwellings: A great parade, and kudos to an Ex-Marine's brave walk.
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A great parade, and kudos to an Ex-Marine's brave walk.

Weekend before last, we had ourselves a mini Cave-A-Palooza here. The Wolff Cubs, and the Heiser kids were here, plus 2 other little girls from Zionsville, IN. Taylor, our eldest and only granddaughter,stayed here overnight to help her aging Grama (ME) ride herd on the 4 small children .We kept them here so the adults could go into Chicago overnight and see U-2 in concert..Do I know much about U-2?..nope...But, if Rod Stewart would have been in concert I would have gone and left THEM here!!

Saturday afternoon we went to our nephew's pool with the whole crew..The two "bathing beauties" are our 2 daughters..
Saturday evening we adults (now THAT could be in question) went to our local watering hole for some laughs and adult beverages...
Sunday AM, the six couples left for their night in Chicago, and I let Taylor take over the children and their activities..

What we have here is a serious game of Shaving Cream Wars...Give each kid a can of shave cream and get ready for organized chaos...and...good CLEAN fun!!!

 Then, of course, everyone has to be hosed off..Great thing about this is that the shave cream is soap so they get a shower in the process..sans the hot water..AND, we did have to make sure nobody wiped the soap in their eyes..OH YES, it happens!
That was our weekend of another crazy Cave-A-Palooza. We were missing Tim Heiser, since he had to "protect and serve" all weekend...Love ya, Sergeant Heiser!
This last weekend we had a really great 4th of July parade just down the street from our house...It was a fun time and most of the Cave family watched the parade...Bear with me while I post a few parade photos...Oh, Heck...I'll save ya the grief and just make a collage!
We even had a special appearance by Darth Vader and a few of his "death squad" in our parade...and someone decided to get herself a picture with him....

I have NO idea where our granddaughter gets her "hambone" from...wink wink...

Before I close this wackamo blog, I do have something very serious to present to all of you...We have a good friend who is a former Marine, and was a Sandwich Police Officer here in the 90's. He began having Epileptic seizures, so had to end his career as a police officer. He then became depressed from his Epilepsy meds and was near to suicide ..That was a number of years ago..His name is Toby Flaget, and he now lives in Washington State. We keep in touchm, and he has taken on a courages journey..Toby is currently walking across the USA, 3100 miles, to raise money and bring attention to suicide prevention..

"22 Veterans a day kill themselves, world wide there is a suicide every 40 seconds! It's kills more people than cancer or any other disease. So now that we agree it's a problem let's not fix the blame but work on solutions to this problem." ~Toby Flaget
 I got a shirt to support the cause...

Toby's walk began June 1st and so far he has walked 830 miles and just crossed into Wyoming.. and his route will be bringing him right through Sandwich, IL this September..I urge all of you to go to this link Toby's Walk for Awareness. This is not only to help servicemen, but all families who have been somehow touched by suicide...We are so very proud of this guy and what he is doing...Here is a link to his personal Facebook page, you can see his route..and maybe friend him!!  Toby Flaget
I leave you with a joke..Toby would appreciate this, being a cop.



  1. Brilliant idea with the shaving cream war. Gives me some ideas! Not quite sure about the hosing down idea in a state park though... It's pretty chilly here.

    1. It was very chilly here too, but those kids didn't care!!

  2. Looks like a crazy time at the Cave household. Hope you're feeling well these days :-)

  3. Toby's walk... good cause... nice post... you take great pictures... always watching...
    take care...