Cave Dwellings: Sandwich Fair and a Cave-A-Palooza…
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sandwich Fair and a Cave-A-Palooza…

Just a short blog to touch base with the blogosphere… Actually we are doing nothing right now, but our street has gotten very busy…The DeKalb County Fair A.K.A. Sandwich Fair started today and ends Sunday. Our family of Wolffs from Zionsville arrive Friday evening, and that means the other two kids and their kids will be here to partake in family activities this weekend….another Cave-A-Palooza in the making! 

Our grass is still very green and growing like a weed..which is mostly what it consists of! Dennis mows about every 5-6 days. Today he went to our garden and dug a few hills of our Yukon Gold potatoes…



I have been pressing the envelope by getting out my Autumn “decor” and making it festive for campfire on the deck.  I have to slap my hands to keep from grabbing any Halloween decor’ yet…Well, maybe I DO have a couple items out…

20140901_192056 20140901_192142

Yes, gourds are allowed for Fall…                 However, the witch’s “brewpot” may be a little premature, but I LOVE that sign!


Is that a PUMPKIN I see ?? Well, the one in the red shirt is a real “punkin”…As for the one behind him, someone must have snuck that one in…tehee.

My brother and his wife stopped by Monday.  They brought me a nifty gift…an induction hot plate cooker…I know absolutely NADA about using this…the only thing I know about “induction” is the Hall of Fame…


Somehow it cooks with magnets at a much faster rate than regular stoves do…AND,  you MUST have the correct cookware that will act as the magnet…which I didn’t have until….

20140902_153257 ….My brother and his wife think of everything…!! and they know me oh so well.

Thanks Mike and Helen…If I can figure this out, I’ll boil me up some water!

So I am getting ready for the “group” to arrive…Rumor has it we might have a couple “surprise guests” visiting this weekend too!…Hope they can handle this Cave Clan…..We tend to party hardy and fall asleep just about anywhere!!

101_3240 101_0188

…and you gotta know I’ll post a blog about our family shenanigans…hope you can handle ONE MORE CAVE  PARTY!

(I gotta get ME an Elmo blanket!)


  1. Could there be fried pickles in your near future???

  2. That's some gift. Was this a special occasion?

  3. I noticed about a month ago when I stopped into a dollar store in Goderich they were already beginning to set up for Halloween.......Sheeeeesh

  4. enjoy the weekend with the family! and who ever else shows up in your driveway!!!

  5. Cooking with magnets? Now I've heard everything - hope you don't cook too much iron laden food! Have a great party!

  6. Sure hope your surprise visitors make it. A Cave-A-Palozza sounds like fun.