Cave Dwellings: It’s Been A While….
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, September 25, 2014

It’s Been A While….

  I woke up this morning to a beautiful sunrise and almost broke my toe getting out of bed to grab my phone camera to get a pic from our bedroom window…

20140925_063730   Ok, I know…you can see the darn screen, but oh it was soooo pretty! A great and beautiful new day!

I do believe this is the longest I have ever gone between blogs.  As our blogger friend Al says, the creative juices just weren’t flowing here lately.  With Autumn here, many of our RV bloggers are getting ready to get South for the Winter. The Bayfield Bunch is not too far from “lift off”. Elaine and Rick just traded their motorhome for a fiver and truck, and we hope to see them in South Florida again this Winter for an adult beverage! Mike and Gerri have been visiting some family in Tennessee, and doing some camping in their neat Casita at some beautiful parks there.

  This seems to be Monsoon season in South Arizona, and Jerry and Suzy have had some pretty torrential rains and thunder and lightening . They have also been enjoying the blossoming desert cactus flowers…beautiful! Bob is bursting his buttons with photos of his grandson, Chris, interviewing some of the Seattle Seahawks…Wow!!  And Bigdawg and Freeway are back at their “real home” after a great work/stay at Monck Park….What a neat place that looked to be!

  Al and Ingrid have been having some great family time in Colorado, touring with their RV, and they sure have a beautiful family! Dawn and Denise have spent the past months in Lavon, Texas, and just left their gig there to visit friends at Dangerfield State Park.  And talk about trading RV’ must be in the RV water because John and Bridget Hatch just traded their fiver and truck for a 40’ motorhome.  They spent the summer at Tamarac Wildlife Refuge work camping with Judy, birdlady of blogland.  Judy was there with them this summer . They just left Tamarac too, and Judy  and her brother are enjoying Yellowstone and headed to Grand Tetons…2 of my park fav’s!

   Randy and Pam, volunteers extraordinaire, have been volunteering their help all over the US…and attending a Grandbaby Reveal Party in between…It’s going to be a BOY!! And Sam and Donna are getting ready to go to Branson for a reunion of some of Sam’s Navy pals...A big THANK YOU to those brave sailors who served!! Meanwhile, Kenny and Angela have been whooping it up at a pizza place in Mesa, Arizona with friends…And our friends, Rick and Paulette, have been busy spoiling that adorable grandson Mason, and waiting patiently for their mecca to California this Winter.

What have I been doing??? Well, I washed both my chandeliers by hand….The littlest one is the BIGGEST pain, because it has about 260 Swarovsky crystals to wash!! Here it is ..all taken apart and cleaned up, ready to re-hang….

20140923_130515 I took this picture after I had the first row hung up….and here is what is looks like after my labors…


Notice all of the color reflecting off those beautiful CLEAN crystals…As you can see by the top photo, they are all clear, but when my camera flashed it brought all of the prisms to life…

  Of course we have been watching the Chicago Bears every game…Kelly and Cindy brought their dogs,  Murph and Finley, over to help cheer them on..complete with Bears jerseys.

20140914_161646 20140914_182029

Finley is the boss of these two…a woman with attitude…and Murph loves to help Dennis start the campfire…

  Dennis has a new toy, by the way.. It is called a Fly Asalt gun…No, I didnt’ misspell assault…this is a gun that shoots salt at flies and kills them…REALLY!!!  The ammo, if you will, is simply table salt…(which I am swiftly running out of!)  Chris and John got this little gem for Dennis,  and all I can say is…”the only difference between men and boys…” no, what a minute!..THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MEN AND BOYS!!..


Kelly loved to play with it too…”another one bites the dust”..

   As most of you know, our wonderful niece, Leanne, lost her vigilant battle with Lung Cancer 10 days ago.   As per her wishes, there is no funeral, but a “celebration of her life” this Saturday evening at our local bowling alley.  Leanne was a real athlete, and excelled at every sport she tried, baseball, golf , bowling…and she had MANY friends. So this weekend all of the family and a gazillion friends will be remembering her great courage and infectious humor with a toast or two, and lots of photos and stories…


Den, Leanne and her hubby, Tommy…God, we’re gonna miss this girl.


  1. Beautiful photo. Thanks for the mention and I'll need to log into some of those other sites. Its always fun discovering new blogs. We hit the road Sunday with mixed emotions. I'm ready for the wheels to roll but sad to say goodbye to the daughter. Won't you be leaving for FL soon yourself?
    My sincere condolences on the loss of your niece. Such a loss is never easy.... my thoughts are with you :-(

  2. That is how you clean chandeliers? Oh. My. Word!! I have a hard time dusting the coffee table...I guess a chandelier is not in my future, ever.

  3. For your information I have been behaving myself (as much as I can). You need to get in the 5th wheel and get out here and join the party. We all are going tubing down the Salt River Sat.

  4. Great post, Donna and thanks for the mention! I'm just wondering what you did to be sentenced to cleaning that chandelier? What a lot of work - looks great though!

  5. That Chandelier looks very labor intensive. Doesn't Dennis have a power washer he can use on it. Hope the weather doesn't turn too miserable before you can get yourselves on down to that Florida place. Appreciate the mention:))