Cave Dwellings: Bunnies, dogs, horses and Caves
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bunnies, dogs, horses and Caves

Easter Cave-A-Palooza 2014  began Good Friday at 6PM when the Wolff family drove in from Zionsville, and next came the Caves, then the Heisers…I had made some chorizo nachos for snacks and of course we had a campfire! Saturday we had the same cast of characters return to the scene of the crime..with the exception of Kelly and Cindy. They spent Easter weekend and 3 more days in Lost Wages (Las Vegas).As usual, it is hard to put our family celebrations into words, and I hear that ONE picture is worth 1000 of them. I will now post more than just one, however…

101_5551  101_5559 101_5587

101_5602 101_5585  101_5608

Our niece, Leanne and her hubby Tom brought their new puppy, Molly..

101_5597 101_5594

Later in the afternoon, we were invited out to Steve and Bobbie’s Horse Farm to watch Bobbie training for Dressage.  Yep….Kids, dogs and all, we drove out to see all the horses..

101_5566 101_5567

101_5570 101_5578 101_5565

Bobbie was taking instruction from a woman who teaches Dressage…Bobbie competes and won a National Blue Ribbon with the horse pictured below..

101_5574 101_5573 101_5577

Above is Bobbie riding Estrella, the National Champion…beautiful animal…The kids had to be quiet (good luck with that) while Bobbie was ridingAND we didn’t want to spook the horse. Also because she was receiving directions from her instructor, who spoke to Bobbie through a wireless headset..See the photo below….


After creating organized bedlam at the horse barns, we came back to the Cave Casa for more food, fun and….another campfire…

101_5605 101_5614 101_5618


Our big celebration was Saturday before Easter because Chris, John and boys had to do the 4 hours back to Indiana, and they had a family party to attend down there…By Monday morning (after a day of picking up inside and out), I thought Den and I would relax..WRONG!..Den has been having some trouble with our bedroom and living room slide in the Hiker..He chose to work on the bedroom slide, and that meant taking the mattress off the bed, and cleaning EVERYTHING out from under the bed. (We stash lots of stuff under there!)  Then he took the screws off the bed frame and pulled the whole darn thing away from the wall…Here is another case of “pictures worth lots of words”..Especially when you try to put a 6’1” framed body into a very small space. I guess a collage is best here….


Long story short….he got it adjusted…And that is why he is called “MacGyver”..



  1. you most definitely are super blessed! nice family gathering as always!!

  2. Definitely looked to be an all-time great Cave-a-palooza alright. Great pics - all of them.

    I'm amazed that Den would attempt to fix the slides and actually succeed. If I tried that our slide would fall right off I just know it.

  3. A late happy Easter to you and Den. Your family time looks like ours....a total riot.