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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Bit Behind ….AGAIN!

I seem to find it more difficult lately to sit my arse down at the computer chair and write a blog…This could be because some of the stuff I would write about might just be interesting to ME, and no one else…Since we got home here, my mood and attitude have managed to bottom out..I wish I could say that about my blood pressure!

Since I am still having thyroid issues, my Endocrinologist wanted to see me when we got home..I called right away  at the end of March to make my appointment. It seems she is “out of the office” until May 5th…I guess I get to celebrate Cinco de Mayo getting my neck palpated. I would much rather be in Goliad, TX, drinking Margaritas by the campfire with my private strolling Mariachi, MacGyvergonzalas.  I wonder if I could just carry a flask of them with me to the office appt?..No, you’re right..bad idea.

2014-04-11 16.39.56 2014-04-11 16.40.55

I was busy last weekend cleaning off the front porch and our deck, getting our patio furniture out.  I sat on our front porch last Saturday AM for my morning cup of Joe..

2014-04-13 09.55.48

The view wasn’t exactly what I had been used to in Texas, but it would have to do…We even had our Sunday breakfast on our porch…then by afternoon it began to rain…

2014-04-13 17.16.45

I couldn’t post Den’s first picture I took…He was giving me the “table for 1” hand signal..It seems I’m no the only one with a bad attitude, right? By Monday our wind switched and the bottom fell out of our nice warm weather…And by Tuesday morning, well, take a look at our deck.

2014-04-14 18.08.03

As our daughter-in-law would say….”SERIOUSLY????

As I mentioned above, my blood pressure did NOT improve while on our Winter trip. This was very disappointing. I know we had been under some stress, but I thought it would correct itself once Dennis and I were on the road…NOPE. It took us a couple weeks to “unwind” ourselves from stuff back at home, and I thought that about middle of January we finally had our camping cadence (even though my BP was no better, my demeanor was  mending). Then we got some crumby news that our niece had been diagnosed with Lung Cancer, stage 4…That will take the wind out of your sails in a hurry. We spoke with her by  phone, and she assured us,“There is NO reason for you guys to come home!! I am doing my Chemo and following all orders per the Doc. I better not see your asses back in Illinois until April 1st!”. Ya gotta know Leo to love her…And yes, she is doing well…and they just got a new Black Lab puppy!

2014-04-12 10.33.50

I’ll bet none of you have a “potting bench” built into the tailgate of a truck!..and…your own potter!

I did feel that my BP issue needed to be addressed before May 5th, so I went and saw our GP here in Sandwich. Dr. Erik knows that my pressure used to be low…I was barely alive until last year. Then it took off like Ol’ Faithful…Due to my family history, (Mom died age 64, Dad died age 67, Mom’s Dad, my Grampa, died age 52…all from heart attacks), Dr. Erik thought it best to put me on some BP meds…I wasn’t fond of the idea, but I’m also not fond of “strokin’ out” at this young age…I  hate pills, but …I guess this is the least of one’s problems and I am very lucky to be in pretty darn good health at my extended  years…Hard to believe I’ll be 66 years old this May


Who IS this person???

“You know you're old when someone compliments you on your alligator shoes, and you're barefoot.”

                                                                                                                                                                                   ~Phyllis  Diller


  1. Your BP history sound so much like my own.. take care, my friend. Snow?!? Guess we'll stay here in TX for a while. I'm so sorry to hear about your niece... good thoughts and prayers follow. Wow... sounds like y'all have your plates full. Hope it levels out soon and life is in balance again. Take Care....

  2. Yup, I know what you mean with the BP issue. I've lost weight over the past few months, and I've been running, but my BP has still been high when I check it on those machines at pharmacies. I was on BP meds last year and was able to go off them. But I'm wondering if I may be going back on them after I have my drs. appt. in May. Sorry to hear about your niece's illness - I hope the treatments are effective and that she will soon be feeling better.

  3. I like a man that can have a fire, and enjoy a beer, while sitting on a tailgate on a rainy day. BP meds aren't too bad once you find one you can tolerate without side effects, and it do the job. Been on one for 25 years, and still kicking. Better than the results of the high BP. Good luck with yours........jc

  4. I've got you by almost a year. At least you don't have any bionic parts....yet! ;)

  5. As you know blood pressure is not something to mess with. I am glad that you visited the doctor. Hope you are feeling better. Sometimes it is really hard to get out of a funk.

  6. Take care of that BP!! Mike had to begin taking BP medicine last year. You are the other issues any day!! Hang in there.
    So sorry about your niece. We will definitely keep her in our prayers.

  7. Know what you mean about the weather bottom falling out a couple days ago, Happened here as well but luckily we are all on the upswing for warmer Spring temps again, Always hard to come up with interesting things to write about when one returns home from their travels, I struggle with the same thing every year & it becomes very discouraging after awhile.......

  8. Take the pills! Please take the pills. Although I don't have high blood pressure, I do have aunts and uncles who are taking BP meds and it's the main reason they are still alive today.

    Hey, what? Am I the oldest blogger in blogland or what? I'm going to hit the big 7-oh this June. I feel 50 though!

    I'm guessing that pic is you just a few short years ago!

  9. My husband's doctor told him that high blood pressure is caused by a blockage in the neck, heart or kidney. This was in 1998. I don't know if that's the only causes but he had a tumor on one kidney which was removed. Had the artery in his neck cleaned out and 3 stints put in around his heart. He is soon to be 87 and on no medication except vitamins.